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Chandler Limited TG1

With its style and sound, the Chandler Limited TG1 seems to be from another age plucked from a time capsule. This stereo limiter/compressor is...


MOTU 896

FireWire interfaces are wonderful tools because they are easier to install than a PCI card-based I/O. However, the fact that you can get more...


Vintech X81 Preamp/EQ

The Vintech Audio X81 combines a single-channel, Class-A mic preamp, based on the classic Neve 1073 channel module, with an expanded 4-band equalizer


Universal Audio 2108

The whole look, feel, vibe and sound of the Universal Audio 2108 Dual Mic/Instrument Preamplifier say to me. Maybe it's the black-anodized front, no-nonsense


SPL Kultube

New equipment from Sound Performance Lab is always worth checking out, as the company always offers unique approaches to complex audio processing with


Alesis ADAT HD24

It's been almost two years since the first modular, 24-bit/24-track hard disk recorders were introduced to the pro audio world. The Alesis ADAT HD24...


Eventide Eclipse

The Eventide Eclipse is the company's first single-rackspace effects processor, a must-have for those who need to fit Harmonizer processing into a crowded


Great River MP-2NV

Most electronic designers strive to create the most accurate and transparent circuitry possible. In a way, digitized audio is the result of such pursuits,

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