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Sennheiser Appoints John Falcone Vice President Sales, Americas

Sennheiser Electronic Corporation in Old Lyme, Conn., announces that effective January 1, 2012, John Falcone (pictured), president and CEO of Sennheiser’s U.S. subsidiary, will be promoted to the position of Vice President Sales, Americas. In his new position Falcone will head business in the entire Americas region, encompassing the United States, Canada and Latin America.

Having run Sennheiser Electronic Corporation very successfully for the past 13 years, Falcone moves on to his new enlarged responsibility for the entire American Region, thus taking on a more global role. Recently Sennheiser had engaged in a major restructuring program to improve customer focus and market knowledge. In the course of this restructuring program, Sennheiser had also reorganized sales operations into three major regions: the Americas, EMEA, and Asia.

Reporting to Falcone will be Greg Beebe, the newly appointed president of Sennheiser Electronic Corporation; Jean Langlais, president of Sennheiser Canada; and Markus Warlitz, the newly appointed general manager of Sennheiser Latin America.

Sennheiser reports that under Falcone’s management the U.S. subsidiary, representing a significant portion of Sennheiser’s global business, had achieved record sales numbers, thus contributing significantly to the global business success of the Sennheiser group.

“John comes with an excellent track record and is well equipped for his new assignment. I’d like to congratulate him on his well-deserved appointment, which will support our strategy for the upcoming years,” says Volker Bartels, Speaker of Sennheiser’s Executive Management Board and president of Corporate Services. ”John will help us implementing our premium strategy, with a particular focus on each of our three business divisions and give a significant positive impulse for business in the Latin American markets.”

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