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GRAMMA Isolation Risers Decouple Guitar and Bass Amps on Stage

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — When Jason “Lefty” Williams hits the stage with his band to deliver an electrifying performance, he relies on Auralex’s GRAMMA™ (Gig and Recording, Amp and Monitor, Modulation Attenuator) isolation risers to decouple his band’s guitar and bass amplifiers from the stage. GRAMMA lets Williams deliver a clean front-of-house mix without the additional boom and swell associated with non-isolated instrument amplifiers.

A skilled guitarist with more than two decades of experience, Lefty Williams holds song craft and musicianship at a premium. He was born without a right hand (his arm ends at the elbow). Even so, the musical spirit in him could not be restrained. He has become one of the most respected guitarists, singers and songwriters in the Atlanta area, teaching at the Atlanta Institute of Music when he is not playing with his band.

“I have struggled with my stage sound for years,” says Williams. “Sometimes it was too boomy, sometimes it was too thin and tinny. Until I got my Auralex GRAMMAs, I didn’t understand why. Now, I have everyone in my band using them. We consistently get compliments from sound engineers and venue owners on our stage sound. They always want to know what we’re doing differently from other bands. When I tell them, they all want to know where they can find them. The best part is, they don’t ask us to turn down our stage volume anymore. So, we can dial in the best tones and everyone is happy.”

The GRAMMA, patented by Auralex, is an effective isolation device that is used to float an amp or loudspeaker, yielding nearly total acoustic isolation between an instrument amp or monitor speaker and the stage. The effective result of employing a GRAMMA is clarity of sound that honestly represents the artistic intent of the performers. The standard GRAMMA is 23″ long x 15″ wide x 2.75″ high, with a maximum weight limit of 300 lbs. The Great GRAMMA™ offers a 30 percent larger surface area to accommodate popular speaker configurations that feature 4” x 12″, 15″ or 18″ speakers. The Great GRAMMA is 30″ long x 19″ wide x 2.75″ high and has a maximum load weight of 300 lbs.

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