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Dexter: Sunshine and Frosty Swirl – Review

The second episode of Dexter complete seasons 1-6 dvd is convincing: Dex depends on his new code and dispense at least for now again bloodshed. Thanks to the Ukrainian mafia, the episode is not running the risk of being too harmonious.

Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) to run through the night, which is bathed in surreal light. Debra’s life is turned upside down. Not only is her beloved brother is a murderer. He’s a serial killer – and has been since the tender age of 20 years.

After Debra not only learns the shocking truth about Dex, but also of the complicity and participation of their common father, the police officer will prescribe in the episode “Sunshine and Frosty Swirl” the fight against Dexter’s demons. She finds an entirely different strategy to the day, as was the case with Harry.

The risk of delivery of Dexter to the authorities seem spellbound once – but can already be Deb wrest a cautious touch of humor by poking fun at the dramatic name of Dark Passenger. It remains primarily Debs schimpflastigem dealing with the bloody truth and Dexter’s sober commentary owed that it always comes back to funny dispersals of sardonic theme. While Deb goes through the source:… of coping reality, her brother must be the computer game developer Louis (Josh Cooke) and the hassle of driving aufmüpfigem. He had Dexter not only let the hand come out of the fall of the Ice Truck Killer, but he also still locked his credit cards.

Captain LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez) is also in this episode hardly given space. Nevertheless, the voltage can be maintained in their storyline. LaGuerta contracted a private lab to be analyzed, the blood on the slide, which she had discovered in the body of Travis. This confirms the assumption that Maria LaGuerta whoever had Doakes once attached the murders of the Bay Harbor Butcher, in his own department suspects. The fact that the FBI turn LaGuerta implores other tricky challenges for America’s favorite serial killer up.

In the “rehab Debra” there is a completely different code than Harry’s fundamental mantra of “Do not get caught.” Instead of trying to tame Dexter shoots through the strict observance of a system that tries to stifle Deb in love and one hundred percent supervision.

Debs therapy method that can be permanently successful, may be doubted. But at least this way we get access to Dexter’s heart and learn the More concessions in Cheap DVD of metaphorical descriptions of how the dark impulse control of him. He is regularly hit by a bloodlust that is to fill the emotional holes left by his childhood trauma.