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EDM Artists to Demonstrate XTRAX STEMS 2 at Educational Conferences During NAMM 2019

ANAHEIM, CA, JANUARY 17, 2019 – Joachim Garraud, artist and music producer, and Tom Vieira, a dance music producer and remix artist also known as Venomisto, will demonstrate Audionamix’s new XTRAX STEMS 2 software during “The Future of Audio” Educational Sessions powered by A3E on Thursday, January 24 at the Hilton Hotel during NAMM 2019.

As part of “Experimental EDM Production Techniques,” both Garraud and Venomisto will participate in a panel where they will share some of the most important skills in producing electronic dance music, including unique programming, a visceral mastery of the club and the ability to conjure sonic accidents and capture them in the moment. The panel will take place at Avila A, Hilton Hotel, A3E Summit from 3pm to 4pm.

“During the panel, I am going to discuss having your own signature sound and what makes your sound different from anybody else’s,” says Garraud. “I think it’s great to try and use software, like XTRAX STEMS 2, not only in the basic way of isolating vocals, but also by taking some sounds from a drum session or a bass groove to make it your own.”

French DJ Joachim Garraud has leveraged a diverse range of musical experience over his 25-year career, including an early education at the Classical Music Conservatory of Nantes. He has collaborated with electronic music heavyweights like David Guetta, and his writing, producing and remixing credits include work with a variety of international artists, including David Bowie, Beyoncé and Moby.

 Venomisto will also lead “Remixing Hits at Home powered by Audionamix” at Avila A, Hilton Hotel, A3E Summit from 4pm to 5pm on Thursday, January 24 where he will discuss the techniques needed to break songs into stems and create remixes. In addition, NAMM attendees can find him at the Audionamix booth (Booth 18005) at 1:00 PM everyday of the show where he will demonstrate XTRAX STEMS 2 and give away copies of the software.

“One of the challenges in remixing is the music in the background, especially when the acapella version might not be available or easily accessible -the solution becomes audio and editing software, like XTRAX STEMS 2,” says Venomisto. “Not only can it take out the vocals, but it can also take out the drums and really allow for creative slicing and dicing of a song.”

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Venomisto is the electronic music project of lifelong musician Tom Vieira, who aims to create “Dance Music for the 22nd Century.” Tom has been in the music industry for over 20 years, having started his career as a drummer playing in different rock and metal bands and experimenting with different types of electronic bands. He is passionate about creating experiences that evoke strong emotions and exciting people about what they’re listening to. Tom also provides educational material on computer software for drum programming and vocal extraction via the Venomisto YouTube channel.

In addition to XTRAX STEMS 2, a fully-automatic stem creation software, Audionamix will also be showcasing the latest version of its IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner plug-in, which automatically detects and separates speech, no matter the surrounding content.

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