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GIK Acoustics Joins Prism Sound’s U.S Mic To Monitor Events

The company will focus on room acoustics and acoustic treatments as part of the overall seminar program.

Prism Sound is delighted to announce that GIK Acoustics has joined an impressive list of speakers who are already confirmed to take part in the company’s latest Mic To Monitor educational tour, which start later this month in the USA.

Targeted at music production students, hobbyists and professionals, Mic to Monitor aims to dispel the many myths surrounding the recording process. The events answer those all-important questions such as what defines exceptional equipment, what does it take to become a successful and in demand audio engineer, how do recording professionals tackle different aspects of their productions and how is a hit sound achieved? 

As well the opportunity to learn, those attending also have the chance to win $10,000 worth of equipment, including a Prism Sound Lyra audio interface, a SADiE 6 Sound Suite, Audio Technica ATH-M50x headphones, an Audio Technica AT4040 microphone and Gik Acoustics Evolution Polyfusors.

Each seminar features presentations from recording professionals who will answer audience questions on recording techniques. Heading the list is Edward J Nixon of the Grammy Award winning J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, who will give attendees an insight into his career trajectory and demonstrate his approach to the workflow, mixing style and processes.

Other speakers include:

Graham Boswell, Prism Sound co-founder and Sales Director. He has been at the forefront of digital audio for over 30 years, starting with the ground-breaking Neve DSP project in the early 1980’s before Philips and SONY launched the Compact Disc (CD) format. He has wide experience of digital audio technology and applications including audio DSP processing and processor design, continuous recording systems for long term logging applications, networking and streaming and the Prism Sound range of audio test and measurement equipment. His presentation on this Mic to Monitor tour will consider the issue of audio quality in digital audio systems, how we define it and some of the pitfalls and myths that surround the subject including a new take on clocking arrangements.

Ruairi O’Flaherty, Mastering Engineer and representative for PMC Speakers. He will give an introduction to PMC loudspeakers covering design principles and product range, plus a general talk about monitoring including finding the right speakers and evaluating them, positioning, tuning and using monitors correctly.  Based in Los Angeles, O’Flaherty has consulted on and commissioned PMC speaker systems for clients including Capitol Studios, Trent Reznor and Neil Young. During his 23 years in the music industry he has also worked as a touring musician, an FOH engineer, a production manager and a recording engineer. His client list includes artists such as Amy Winehouse, Daniel Lanois and Stiff Little Fingers. His presentation will close with a focus on Mastering and an audience Q&A.

Steve Savanyu, Educational Services Director for Audio Technica. His presentation entitled ‘Microphones are like the Engineer’s palette’ will highlight how choosing the right microphone can enhance the sound in the recording process. He will examine the differences between condenser, dynamic and ribbon microphone technology and explain how to apply these tools in recording applications. The talk will also cover advances in ribbon microphones, new transducer concepts and updates to classic microphone designs. Steve Savanyu has his own recording studio and also specializes in multi-media projects.

Glenn Kuras, owner and President of GIK Acoustics. He will discuss why all rooms dedicated to audio need acoustic treatment, and how  to set up a room including absorption vs diffusion and treating corners. For over 10 years Glenn has used his expertise in room acoustics to assist engineers, recording studios, music producers, business centers and commercial spaces solve acoustic issues within their facilities.

Mic to Monitor 2015 kicks off in the USA with the first event taking place on September 12th at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, in conjunction with the AES which is supporting it as part of the AES Student Summit. The tour then moves to Chicago, Illinois on September 14th, Detroit, Michigan on September 15th and Cleveland, Ohio on September 16th.

Places on Prism Sound’s Mic To Monitor tour are limited and are allocated on a first come, first served basis. To register interest and reserve a place, please visit:


About Prism Sound 

Founded in 1987, Prism Sound manufacture high-quality professional digital audio hardware and software for music and sound production for the music, film, television, radio and multi-media markets and a range of specialized measurement equipment used in audio equipment development, manufacturing, system building and maintenance.  The company’s product range includes a range of audio interfaces covering applications from desktop or mobile recording & production to major studio facilities; Prism Sound also produces the SADIE audio production workstation software used by major national broadcasters such as the BBC, as well as many of the world’s leading mastering houses and classical or live music recording engineers. Prism Sound measurement equipment is used to measure the performance of either audio electronic devices or electroacoustic devices and is well established in major manufacturing sectors such as automotive electronics, headphones and headsets as well as professional audio.

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