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Mac eye cosmetics for your big eyes.

Makeup tips from the ancient oriental culture, “ink” refers to black powder surrounded by blackened eyelids. First of all, with your fingers gently poke eyelid. Then, select a cheap mac cosmetics eyeliner (written not too sharp), along the upper and lower eyelid from the inner corner to the outer corner of the outline. Next, with your fingertips, eye shadow stick or eye shadow brush eyeliner smear evenly blooming open to create a smoke effect. If you like the results, then gently marked with a layer of loose powder hold can. If you want a deeper color effect, available as your favorite liquid eye shadow, eye shadow or cheap mac makeup eye shadow powder painting.
Sisters always lamented the deep facial features of Western beauty, in fact, like deep Asian facial features, though not as foreigners, but the three-dimensional makeup of a sexy is not impossible Oh! Have the mac cosmetics wholesale eyeliner to help you. To the end of the year party season together learning following this three-dimensional big eyes and the Half-Bloodmac cosmetics outlet makeup, sexy makeup, three-dimensional modified eye effect to you. I believe that you will be able to conquer everyone! Mestizo makeup is let our nose looks more upright, eyes more deep, to seize the makeup of the overall focus is two parts Lips part, though not the focus, but can not be overlooked. a touch of pink flesh, both sexy and very texture.