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POINTE CLAIRE, QUEBEC, CANADA, JANUARY 2010 – With a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame, seventeen top-ten singles, and eight Juno awards spanning fifteen years in the spotlight, Jann Arden commands a large and loyal fan base across Canada. The multi-platinum artist is currently touring with her band in support of her eighth studio release, Free, with dates, often across multiple nights, in intimate performance that her fans have come to expect, which taps the human experience both heart-rending and hilarious, Arden and her band are relying on the all-new Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3 wireless personal monitoring systems. Arden connects with the audience through a Neumann KMS 140 microphone amplified through an L-Acoustics KUDO large format line source PA system.

Vancouver-based Gearforce specializes in high-end concert rental systems, including boutique processing, high-end RF, and integrated digital control systems, and supplies the complete reinforcement system for Arden’s tour. “We were holding off on making our next big RF purchase to see where the state-of-the-art was headed. Then we received a demo of the new Sennheiser G3 system last summer,” said Robert Nevalainen, Gearforce president. “We were really impressed. The integrated performance of the G3 system is excellent.”

With Sarah McLachlan’s long-time engineer, Gary Stokes at FOH, and Deb Hutchins, functioning as monitor engineer, RF Tech and production manager, the tour is off to a great start. Hutchins specifically requested ten of the Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3 systems and was delighted to receive them, given their high demand and limited availability. “I’m impressed with the sound quality, and the advanced features are making my extensive list of responsibilities a little bit easier to manage,” said Hutchins. “The RF scanning features are intuitive and easy to use, and with the RF output level control right on the transmitters, we’ve been able to tailor the system to the varying needs of the individual musicians. Having a limiter control right on the belt pack gives them necessary control over their own level and dynamics.” Hutchins uses the integrated Ethernet connections on the transmitters and a laptop running Sennheiser’s Wireless Systems Manager software to provide instant overview and control of the entire system.

Arden is using a Neumann KMS 140 condenser vocal microphone. “It’s a very live-sounding mic,” said Hutchins. “Jann has such a unique and practiced voice. She plays with her proximity and her mic technique – it’s all part of her sound. Like a Neumann studio mic, the crispness on the top end of the KMS 140 is so clear that you can hear every breath, every inflection, and every intonation. That clarity is critical because her fans hang on Jann’s every note.”

Critics have been giving Arden’s shows rave reviews, not only for her and her band’s amazing performances, but also for the show’s crystal clear sound, even in venues that are well-known for being far from acoustically perfect. A big part of that sound stems from the L-Acoustics KUDO large format line source PA system that travels with them with Terry Hilton, PA tech from Gearforce, in charge. The KUDO system employs a number of sophisticated physical and electro-acoustic technologies to effectively deliver phase-coherent, single point source audio to every seat in the house. “We’ve already played a number of shows across Canada in both arenas and soft-seat theaters,” said Hutchins. “The KUDO system is equally wonderful in both scenarios, and with only nine cabinets a side it fits neatly in the truck!”

ABOUT SENNHEISER Sennheiser is a world-leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems. Established in 1945 in Wedemark, Germany, Sennheiser is now a global brand represented in sixty countries around the world through long-term distribution partners and subsidiaries in France, UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Russia, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Japan, China, Canada, Mexico and the USA. Sennheiser’s technology is produced in manufacturing plants in Germany, Ireland and the United States. Their pioneering excellence in technology has rewarded the company with numerous awards and accolades including an Emmy, a Grammy and the Scientific and Engineering Award (of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences). The Sennheiser Group is proud to be affiliated with Georg Neumann (world leading studio microphones), and the joint venture Sennheiser Communications that brings their award winning technology to headsets for PCs, offices and contact centers.

OTHER BRANDS DISTRIBUTED BY SENNHEISER CANADA Neumann, Klein+Hummel, Innovason, L’Acoustics, Kling & Freitag, K-array, Yellowtec, Televic

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PHOTO CAPTIONS PHOTO ONE Multi-platinum artist, Jann Arden, and her band are enjoying the reliability, functionality, and sound performance of the all-new Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3 wireless personal monitoring system. In addition, Arden’s vocals are captured by a Neumann KMS 140 microphone amplified through an L-Acoustics KUDO large format line source PA system. PHOTO TWO Handling the day-to-day and concert-to-concert demands of the Jann Arden tour is Deb Hutchins, who serves as monitor engineer, RF tech and tour production manager.