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Second Annual Gear Expo, Held by Pensado’s Place and Vintage King, Hailed as Success

“Nashville’s Pro Audio Block Party,” which took place Saturday, September 27, 2014, brought together engineers, manufacturers, students and more from across the U.S. for a jam-packed day of education, networking, gear demos and fun in the sun

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean kicks off the day’s festivities with a special videotaped message to all Expo participants

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 1, 2014 — Nashville/”Music City USA” was recently the site of the second annual Gear Expo, which took place on Saturday, September 27, 2014, in the city’s charming Berry Hill neighborhood. Gear Expo 2014 (affectionately known as “Nashville’s Pro Audio Block Party”) was a creation of Pensado’s Place, the acclaimed weekly educational web series, in conjunction with Vintage King Audio, a leader in professional audio sales, studio consulting, and comprehensive gear servicing. A standing-room-only crowd consisting of engineers, students, sponsors, manufacturers, well-known artists and others in attendance took part in a full day of audio education, gear demos, career networking, gourmet food, prizes and interviews conducted by Herb Trawick and Dave Pensado, co-hosts of Pensado’s Place.

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean kicked off the festivities with a taped message to Expo participants. “Welcome to Nashville,” stated Dean. “I want to say thank you to Gear Expo 2014 for hosting your event in Music City. I’d like to thank Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick, hosts of Pensado’s Place, for hosting Gear Expo in Nashville. I know many Nashvillians have been featured on Pensado’s Place, and that is a great way to highlight our music industry. The music industry gives Nashville its edge and its authenticity; music and audio education are important to the Nashville music community. I appreciate that Gear Expo supports this philosophy by providing real-world information on music and audio engineering. I hope you have a wonderful event today at Vintage King.”

Special guest attendees included John McBride (Martina McBride, Blackbird), Jacquire King (Kings Of Leon, Tom Waits), Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Avett Brothers), Chuck Ainlay (Miranda Lambert, George Strait, Mark Knopfler), Rob Burrell (Michael W. Smith, Jaci Velasquez), Kuk Harrell (Rihanna, Beyoncé), Carl Tatz (award-winning studio designer), Leslie Braithwaite (Pharrell Williams, Jay Z), Julian Raymond (VP of A&R, Big Machine Label Group), Jenine Civil (Ultimate Ears), Vance Powell (Jack White, Beck), bassist Michael Rhodes and others, many of whom shared the stage with Pensado and Trawick for enlightening interview sessions throughout the day. Nashville-based fashion legend Manuel (known as “Tailor to the Stars”) was also interviewed and was the designer featured in a brief fashion show spotlighting offerings from his custom clothing line. Another highlight of the day was a performance by legendary drummer Steve Jordan (Keith Richards, John Mayer Trio, Eric Clapton) with bassist Willie Weeks (Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Rufus), who helped introduce the new Blackbird Expansion Pack for Slate Trigger and Steven Slate Drums.

Throughout the day, the “Pensado Express” tour bus shuttled attendees to the legendary Blackbird Studio, where they were treated to a tour of the facilities owned and operated by country superstar Martina McBride and her husband, acclaimed engineer John McBride.

Herb Trawick stated, “Simply put, Gear Expo Nashville was a home-run. Attendees were once again able to watch live interviews and panel discussions with some of the leading figures in the music industry. Just like on Pensado’s Place, attendees had access to real-world information that they could take home and apply to their daily craft. It was a beautiful day too, which only added to the positive vibes everywhere.”

Dave Pensado stated, “This trip has been very cool and special for a number of reasons: I got to meet and hang with our very special viewers and friends, meet the mayor of Nashville, and spend a lot of time with my peers, all the while sharing important information about the recording process with the engineers of today and tomorrow.”

The list of title sponsors consisted of some of the most prominent names in professional audio, M.I. and audio education, including Audio-Technica, Avid, The Blackbird Academy, Chandler Limited, Rupert Neve Designs, M1 Distribution, sE Electronics, Genelec, Gobbler, iZotope, Moog, Neumann, Triad-Orbit, Recording Connection, Electric Thunder Studios, G-Technology, Slate Media Technology, Studio 202, Ultimate Ears, Vintage King, and The Recording Academy® Producers & Engineers Wing®.

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The hour-long weekly web series Pensado’s Place was created nearly four years ago. Co-hosted by legendary mix engineer Dave Pensado (Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Michael Jackson and more) and show creator Herb Trawick, Pensado’s Place includes interviews with top music industry artists, engineers, producers, mixers, and record executives, as well as in-depth tutorials in production, engineering and mixing. Pensado’s Place has positioned itself as “the most influential show for audio engineers,” mixers and producers (Forbes Magazine) in just three years. Pensado’s Place is more than just a show, as it highlights the very best in the industry of music, gaming, sound identity on film, and audio equipment, with a presence in live events. As a leading educational resource, Pensado’s Place is helping build the next generation of audio greats.

Vintage King Audio is a leader in professional audio sales, studio consulting, and comprehensive gear servicing. No matter the scope of a client’s needs or goals — from selecting a new microphone to designing a studio from the ground up — Vintage King distinguishes itself with standard-setting customer service, which begins with the company’s knowledgeable, industry-experienced staff. For more information, visit:

Photo Caption 1: Gear Expo 2014 was kicked off with a taped video welcome from Nashville Mayor Karl Dean. Shown L-R are Herb Trawick, Mayor Karl Dean and Dave Pensado.

Photo Caption 2: At Gear Expo 2014 throughout the day, attendees were treated to various panels and interviews covering a wide range of topics of interest for audio professionals. Shown L-R are engineer-producer-mixers Rob Burrell (Michael W. Smith, Jaci Velasquez) and Vance Powell (Jack White, Beck); and Pensado’s Place co-hosts Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick.

Photo Caption 3: The “Pensado Express” at Gear Expo 2014, which shuttled attendees to the legendary Blackbird Studio for detailed tours.

Photo Caption 4: Gear Expo 2014 had close to 600 attendees. Shown is the Expo’s entrance area at Vintage King Audio Nashville.

Photo Caption 5: Throughout the day, Gear Expo 2014 organizers gave away thousands of dollars worth of prizes to lucky attendees. Shown is an eager crowd clamoring for one of the coveted giveaways.