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Sunglasses interpretation of summer style

Dazzling variety of skin protection sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen gloves, hats, umbrellas, summer could fill volumes. In most people’s understanding, the tan is for the sole purpose of the summer sun. However, the burning sun, especially in the strong light of noon, the damage to the eyes can not be ignored, so, prepare a pair of Cheap Oakley Sunglasses, his eyes doing the sunscreen is essential.
Sunglasses, also known as sun mirror, prevent sunlight intense stimulation, protective equipment used to protect eyesight; use can be divided into three categories: sunshade mirror, light-colored sunglasses and special purpose sunglasses. Among them, the sun mirror is used for shading, light intensity more than the human eye adjust ability, you can play a protective effect on the human eye; light-colored sunglasses, the blocking effect of sunlight than shade mirror, but its rich colors, suitable for use with all types of clothing, with a decorative role; special purpose sunglasses block the sun, is commonly used in place at beaches, ski resorts and other strong sunlight, UV resistance and other indicators have higher requirements.
With the aesthetic taste of the development, the decorative role in the light-colored sunglasses gradually enlarged to become a factor of sunglasses top priority, especially in the summer, in addition to a variety of hot pants, tidal skirt, shoes outside the United States, the sunglasses seize certain dress “Life.
Improved in addition to its own function and style, the Tiffany Outlet also often in combination with other jewelry appearance, a combination of a visor with sunglasses on the market, not only give face to bring comprehensive sun protection, also designed lenses into the wind style integrated structure, sporty atmosphere.
Insiders pointed out that the first function of the glasses or eye protection. In accordance with the provisions of the international standards, the sunglasses belong to the areas of personal eye protection products, and its main function is to block the glare of the sun. According to the stakeholders of the Chinese Optical Society, the international standard in sunglasses subdivided into “fashion mirror” and “general purpose with mirror, fashion mirror” the quality requirements are relatively low. It is mainly prominent styles and decorative features; for general use with a mirror quality requirements are more stringent international standards, including UV protection, as well as diaper prism index requirements. However, in sunglasses sampling process over the years, there will always be a part of the product because of the lens material and surface quality, spherical vertex deviation, cylinder vertex deviation and the cause of the problem, and can not meet the standard requirements.
In this regard, the ophthalmologist to remind consumers to buy Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses should look at the presence or absence of UV protection and block glare function, and then look at the style, price. The color of the lenses that glare, lens color shades of brown, gray, green and other colors is better; the lens surface to be smooth, ripple, bubble, Scar, depending on the material is not deformed. Sunglasses should have UV400 signs or instructions marked “UV protection” or “100% UV”.