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Product of the Week: Stage Right by Monoprice SR Studio 2-Channel 1073-Style Microphone Preamp

Vintage-style mic, line and instrument preamp designed to provide the Neve 1073 sound at an affordable price.

New from the folks at Stage Right by Monoprice is the SR Studio 2-Channel 1073-Style Microphone Preamp, a vintage-style microphone, line and instrument preamplifier employing discrete components in the signal path and transformer-balanced inputs and outputs. Circuit topology is similar to that used in the classic 1073 preamp module and is intended to provide the Neve sound at an affordable price point. 

Each channel of the preamp features a mic/line switch, 48 VDC phantom, low-Z switch, phase reverse, 4-segment LED meter, and a ¼-inch TS instrument jack with DI switch on the front panel. 

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The SR Studio 2-Channel 1073-Style Microphone Preamp is capable of providing 80 dB of gain, enabling it to be used with low-output ribbon microphones. Independent controls allow a user to use the gain control to overdrive the input stage to create distortion, while using the output level control to set level into the next device. 

Rear-panel connections include an XLR/TRS Combo jack input, TRS input jack, TRS output and XLR output (per channel). Specs include frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz (±0.5 dB), signal-to-noise ratio  > 90 dB, and input sensitivity 50 mV (balanced). 

The SR Studio 2-Channel 1073-Style Microphone Preamp weighs 8.8 pounds and is housed in a 1RU chassis that may be rack-mounted using the included rack ears. Power is provided by an external 24 VAC power supply (included), and the preamp is backed with a one-year replacement warranty. Price is $599.