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Why Leading Artists Listen To ADAM

When producer/engineer Kelly Donnelly tracks with someone as sonically discriminating as Texas guitar master Eric Johnson, he has complete confidence in his ADAM S3A monitors.
Interviewed by phone from his Studio Plush in Austin, Texas, he tells us, “With Adam speakers I mix what I hear with confidence. I know my mixes will sound as I expect. No more surprises.”
Kelly recently finished Johnson’s new CD, “Up Close,� and also just tracked Eric on a song from Christopher Cross’ new disc, “Doctor Faith,� his first in years. Cross has also become a believer in ADAM monitors, recently acquiring the S3X-H monitoring system.
First turned on to ADAM by legendary producer Michael Wagener, Kelly is now committed to ADAM’s approach. “I haven’t worked on a single project since 2005 without my S3As,â€? he recounts. “The accuracy of the ADAM has a profound impact on the final recording.â€?
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About ADAM Audio: Combining extensive experience and research in the field of speaker systems with their revolutionary ART and X-ART tweeter designs, physicist Klaus Heinz founded ADAM Audio in 1999. Based in Berlin, Germany, ADAM designs and builds professional monitor systems for leading recording studios around the world as well as sophisticated hi-fi and multi-channel loudspeaker systems for the home and residential installation markets.