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You want to have common life

You want to have common life, will meet common frustration. You want to live a better life, will meet the strongest damage. If your life has been in the doldrums, then, bold go, because you how to go are up, do a brave man.

1, sometimes, in your heart when there are many words to say, but don’t know how to express; Sometimes, his dream a lot, but ability not equal to one’s ambition; Sometimes, people misunderstood his YouKouWuXin sentence, the in the mind depressed feel nervous; Sometimes, the in the mind suddenly a tired of emotions, feel very tired very tired; Sometimes, found himself grown overnight, but can’t see your future appearance, confusion was at a loss.

2, loneliness is the phone number is more and more, every answered the telephone is more and more, every hair of message more and more. But when you suddenly saw a once in the dream recurring sunflower flowers field, you excited to take pictures, loudly shout, but then did not know to want to take good pictures to the mobile phone who, that moment you suddenly understand, all the way walk to now, a no man standing beside you, accompany you to look at the scenery. Louis vuitton outlet

3, a bit better to oneself, to other better. Be good to yourself, be good to yourself strong, optimistic. No longer for don’t care me tears. Choose to believe that each other, no matter he is good or bad. Do a clever girl, only when the naughty possum. Seriously life, a bit less fantasy. Not expecting the coming of happiness, it is in the side. I want, live better than summer and warm.

Four, the world is so large, fall in love with a person so easy, to be loved is so easy, but love each other, but so hard. When his favorite and love yourself is the same person, then you are the happiest person in the world. LKN20121023LKN

5, we always in the open time like some people. No reason, maybe just a gentle smile, a concern greetings. May have not met before, may not be congenial interests, may not a highly, but firmly in mind the. Mianmianzhong the,, no escape, as if like a song, often because of a melody or a impress your lyrics. Love or hate, it is to let person surprising thing.Louis vuitton outlet store

6, actually beautiful story is not end, because it did not end so would beautiful, it is like why tragedy is always better than comedy even more memorable. As people are always looking for true love, but often wipe a shoulder but go to, is not the time away from love, but the people didn’t get any thought with a heart to firm warm another heart, not love no longer forever, but fickleness and variable heart.