When using this directory, please note that only North American programs have been included. All of the information presented here was supplied by the 11/01/2003 7:00 AM Eastern

When using this directory, please note that only North American programs have been included. All of the information presented here was supplied by the schools. Specific programs may change, so contact the school/program for up-to-date information.

(also see western schools, central schools)

American University

Appalachian State University

Hayes School of Music

4400 Massachusetts Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016-8058 Phone 202/885-2746 Fax 202/885-2723 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 4-year B.S. in Audio Technology, minor in Audio Technology. Program: Housed in the Department of Computer Science, Audio Technology and Physics, the program concentrates on the art and science of music and audio production, electronic recording, and computer and electronic systems. The department's recording studios give the students hands-on experience in a full-featured facility with 2-inch/24-track analog, Pro Tools|HD and a great mic collection. Electronic music studios provide everything from a Moog Modular to state-of-the-art modern digital workstations.

Audio Recording Technology Institute

813 Rivers St., Boone, NC 28608 Phone 828/262-3020 Fax 828/262-6446 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 4-year B.S. in Music Industry Studies; Bachelor's of Music in Performance, Education and Music Therapy. Program: The Music Industry Studies major features a music recording and production concentration designed to offer undergraduate-level training in the principles of music and sound recording and audio post-production. Other degree concentrations prepare students for careers in arts management, promotions, music merchandising and manufacturing. The Walters-Storyk-designed recording studio is a 24-track facility with automated digital mixing, multiple editing workstations and industry-standard peripheral equipment. The Broyhill Music Center also includes two performance halls, an opera studio, MIDI studio, computer labs, a music library, rehearsal halls and practice rooms. Off-campus music industry internships contribute to experience and career preparation.

Barton College

100-5 Patco Ct., Islandia, NY 11749 Phone 631/582-8999 Fax 631/582-8213 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: Certificate offered for graduates of our 8-month program. Program: 8-month 170-hour program with extensive hands-on experience. Classes are limited to five students during the hands-on portion. Experience on 24-track digital equipment including 5.1-mixing course with Mac G4 computers. Qualifying graduates secure their first job at the school as members of the Recording Engineers Association. See cover for facility in Orlando.

Belmont University

Mike Curb College of Entertainment andMusic Business

Box 5000, Wilson, NC 27893 Phone 800/345-4973 Fax 252/399-6571 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: B.A. in Mass Communication (Audio Recording Technology concentration). Program: Extensive hands-on training in a 32-track recording studio and a digital audio studio. Very low student/teacher ratio. Curriculum includes: studio recording; MIDI, electronic music; digital audio workstation recording, editing and mixing; production audio for film and video; audio post-production for film and video (dialog editing, sound design and editing); and an internship program. Facilities include a Soundcraft Sapphyre Lc analog console with automation, outboard gear, Pentium IV computers with software by Pro Tools, Cakewalk, Nemesys, TC Electronic, etc. Keyboards and modules by Kurzweil, Korg, Roland, Alesis and Yamaha.

Berklee College of Music

1900 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, TN 37212-3757 Phone 615/460-5504 Fax 615/460-5516 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: Bachelor's of Business Administration with emphasis in Music Business. Program: The CEMB offers an award-winning faculty and staff of music business professionals and a program combining classroom experience with real-world application. Owns and operates three renowned recording facilities including the multi-Platinum Ocean Way Nashville, historic RCA Studio B and the Center for Music Business. Students have access to eight state-of-the-art recording studios and a full range of digital and analog recording equipment, and both vintage and current signal processors, microphones and DAWs.

Central Carolina Community College

1140 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02215 Phone 800/BERKLEE Fax 617/747-2047 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: four-year Bachelor's of Music or four-year Professional Diploma. Program: Established in 1945, Berklee College of Music is the world's largest independent music college. Over 3,400 students and 460 faculty members interact in an environment designed to provide the most complete learning experience possible, including all of the opportunities and challenges presented by a career in the contemporary music industry. The college offers 12 majors, over 270 ensembles, six recital halls, 300 practice rooms, 12 studio/control rooms, Media Center, current industry technology.

City College of New York

1105 Kelly Dr., Sanford, NC 27330 Phone 919/718-7257 Fax 919/718-7429 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 1-year diploma in Radio Production, 1-year diploma in Television Production, 2-year Associate Degree in Applied Science in Broadcast Production Technology. Program: Radio production students study analog and digital audio recording, mic techniques and multitrack production with Cool Edit Pro and Pro Tools Digi001. Additionally, students operate the college's 3,000-watt station, WDCC 90.5 FM. Television students study linear and nonlinear editing on Avid systems, directing, producing, video photography, field production, video graphics, broadcast writing and reporting.

The College of Saint Rose

The Sonic Arts Center, Shepard Hall Room #72, West 140th and Convent Ave., New York, NY 10031 Phone 212/650-8288 Fax 212/650-5428 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 4-year B.F.A. in Music (Audio Technology concentration). Program: Exciting seven-studio facility featuring Pro Tools 6, Logic Platinum 6, software synths, plug-ins, all running on gigibit-connected Macintosh G5 computers. Small classes allow ample faculty/student interaction and six hours of lab time per-week-per-course. In-depth coursework prepares students for various careers in the audio and music technology industry.

Fanshawe College

432 Western Ave., Albany, NY 12203 Phone 518/454-5178 Fax 518/454-2146 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 4-year B.S. in Music, Music Industry emphasis; part-time M.A. in Music Technology. Program: The College of Saint Rose Music Industry core includes three areas: technology, music business and commercial music. The technology area includes required courses in recording engineering, record production, Pro Tools, MIDI. Music business courses include survey, artist management, entertainment law. Commercial music offerings include songwriting, arranging, conducting and applied study. On-campus multitrack studio equipped with Pro Tools, DA-78HR and MCI JH24, a Pro Tools edit room, MIDI lab with 15 Mac-based DAWs.

Finger Lakes Community College

1460 Oxford St. East, London, Ontario, Canada N5Y 5RX Phone 519/452-4130 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 2-year Diploma in Music Industry Arts. 1-year post-Diploma program in Digital Applications (Advanced Digital Audio and Digital Video Editing). Program: Started in 1975, Music Industry Arts offers a thorough 2-year education that provides a myriad career options. 24 hours a day, seven days a week access to two state-of-the-art recording studios equipped with Pro Tools and traditional 2-inch tracking machines. Our studios and our 10-station MIDI facility are all equipped with dual-processor G5s and the latest software. The Digital Applications Program accepts graduates from other programs.

Fits & Starts Productions, LLC

4355 Lakeshore Dr., Canandaigua, NY 14424 Phone 585/394-3500 Fax 585/394-5005 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: two-year A.S. Music Recording Technology degree. Program: The recording facility contains two recording rooms and a spacious control room. Single instruments to a full symphony orchestra can be accommodated in the 2,000-plus-square-foot recording room. Installed in the control room are a Mackie Digital 8-Bus console and 24 tracks of Tascam DA-88s. Editing and mastering are done on hard disk via MOTU 2408 using Samplitude Studio. Final mixes can be recorded onto DAT, MD or CD-RW.

Five Towns College

48 Riverdale Ave. East, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724 Phone 732/741-1275 Fax 732/741-5998 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: none. Program: The leading provider of audio seminars in North America. Specializing in multichannel audio, the seminars tour the U.S. each year stopping in 36 cities and six regions; feature industry expert Mike Sokol; and are sponsored by audio manufacturers. The seminars can be customized according to the needs of audio programs and organizations and for varying proficiency levels. Custom workshops with recognized industry authorities, as well as consulting, are available to individual programs.

Full Sail Real World Education

305 North Service Rd., Dix Hills, NY 11746 Phone 631/424-7000 Fax 631/424-7008 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: Bachelor's of Music in Jazz/Commercial Music, with concentrations in performance, composition/songwriting, musical theater, audio recording technology, music business and video music. Bachelor's degree program in Music Education. Bachelor's of Professional Studies (B.P.S.) Degree program in Business Management, with concentrations in audio recording technology, music business, video arts and theater arts. Program: The college is equipped with eight/16/24/48-track world-class recording studios, a television production facility and various-sized soundstages. The Dix Hills Center for the Performing Arts has been described as “acoustically perfect.”

Future Media Concepts

3300 University Blvd., Winter Park, FL 32792 Phone 800/226-7625 Fax 407/678-0700 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: Associate of Science degrees in Computer Animation, Digital Media, Film, Game Design & Development, Recording Arts, and Show Production & Touring. All degrees take between 12-14 months to complete. Program: Full Sail offers hands-on training in a state-of-the-art multimedia complex that is anchored by multiple professional recording studios, featuring the Amek 9098i, SSL 9000J and Digidesign Pro Control consoles. The Recording Arts facilities also feature one-on-one lab environments housing industry-standard digital and analog consoles, as well as over 90 individual Pro Tools stations. The Recording Arts curriculum includes courses in recording and mixing consoles, audio post-production, workstations and session recording. Career placement assistance is provided, and financial aid is available.

Guilford Technical Community College

305 East 47th St., Level C, New York, NY 10017 Phone 212/888-6314 Fax 212/888-7531 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: Digidesign-authorized Pro Tools certification courses for Operator music and/or post-production; Expert music and/or post-production. Program: Future Media Concepts has been selected as the exclusive Digidesign Authorized Pro School in the Northeast. FMC offers the entire range of authorized Pro Tools courses and certification exams leading to the prestigious titles of “Pro Tools Operator” and “Pro Tools Expert” in both music and post-production. State-of-the-art facility features HD and 24 Mix systems with ProControl and Control/24 digital control surfaces. Small class size. Weekdays and weekends. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Hampton University

PO Box 309,601 High Point Rd., Jamestown, NC 27282 Phone 336/334-4822 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 2-year A.A.S. in Entertainment Technology-Sound Engineering, 2-year A.A.S. in Entertainment Technology-Concert Sound & Lighting, 2-year A.A.S. in Entertainment Technology-Management, 2-year A.A.S. in Entertainment Technology-Performance, and various subject-specific certificates and one-year diplomas. Program: While the program is currently operating on our main campus, we will be moving to a new state-of-the-art facility on our High Point Campus in January 2004. Our “A” studio is centered around twin Sony DMX-R100 consoles and a Control 24/Pro Tools|HD recording system. Concert sound and lighting will be taught in special labs, a 225-seat indoor performance space and a 700-seat outdoor amphitheater.

Harris Institute for the Arts

Department of Music, Hampton, VA 23668 Phone 757/727-5237 Fax 757/727-5084 E-mail Degrees/Certificates: 4-year B.S. in Music with an emphasis in Music Engineering Technology. Program: The Music Engineering program is designed for students who desire a career in audio engineering, music recording, audio equipment design, sound reinforcement, broadcasting, audio sales or studio maintenance. Students can complete this program, including an internship, in four years. Students who are admitted must have an applied instrument, voice, trumpet, strings, etc.

Howard University

Dept. of Radio, TV & Film

118 Sherbourne St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5A 2R2 Phone 416/367-0178 Fax 416/367-5534 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 1-year diploma. Programs in Recording Arts Management (RAM) and Producing/Engineering Program (PEP). Program: 84 courses relating to the business, technical and creative aspects of the music industry. Faculty includes 54 music industry leaders. The 16,000-square-foot facility includes Pro Tools in the audio post-production suite, Logic Audio in the MIDI/multitrack suite and 24-track digital multitrack in the music recording control room.

Institute of Audio Research

525 Bryant St., N.W. Rm. 230, Washington, D.C. 20059 Phone 202/806-7927 Fax 202/806-4844 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 4-year B.A. in audio production; 4-year B.A. in television production; 4-year B.A. in film production; 4-year B.A. in telecommunications management; 2-year MFA in film. Program: The Howard University Department of Radio, Television & Film offers courses in radio production, audio for visual media and multitrack recording/mixing. The Department has five Pro Tools-equipped audio studios including one state-of-the-art post-production facility for film/video sound that uses Pro Tools|HD system. Audio courses provide hands-on instruction, and students have access to the University's professionally run WHUR-FM and the student-run WHBC-AM radio stations.

Ithaca College School of Music

64 University Place, New York, NY 10003 Phone 800/544-2501 Fax 212/677-6549 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: diploma in Audio Recording and Production, plus Bachelor's Degree credit at participating universities and colleges. Program: Intensive nine-month program features digital audio and digital music production, analog and digital recording and mixing, signal-processing technologies, audio post-production, MIDI applications, music business, digital audio workstation operations. Equipment features Mac-based platform (iMacs and G4s) running on OS 9/X, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Reason. New all-digital studio with Sony DMX-R100 dual consoles. 18,000-square-foot facility in the heart of Greenwich Village. Professional studio internships and graduate-placement assistance. Licensed by NYS Education Department, approved for veterans training, accredited by ACCSCT. Financial aid for eligible students.

Lebanon Valley College of Pennsylvania

3322 Whalen Center for Music, Ithaca, NY 14850 Phone 607/274-3366 Fax 607/274-1727 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: B.M. in Sound Recording Technology (4 years). Program: Facilities include 24-track SSL/Pro Tools|HD recording studios, 8-track Yamaha 02R/Pro Tools production studio, three electroacoustic music studios. This program trains performing musicians to be recording engineers and includes a full curriculum of music theory, history, performance studies and liberal arts, as well as specialized coursework in recording and editing, electro-acoustic music, repair and calibration, and recording workshops. All recording majors are hired as work-study engineers in the School of Music for four years. Very small class sizes allow each student the maximum studio time and access to faculty members. Audition and interview for admission are required.

McGill University

Department of Music, Annville, PA 17003 Phone 717/867-6275 Fax 717/867-6390 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 4-year B.M. in Music Recording Technology and B.S. in Music Business. Program: LVC is a private liberal arts college that combines a strong, traditional music curriculum with industry-related courses and experiences. Studies include music theory, history, performance, studio production and recording industry operations. NASM-accredited. The focus is to provide the foundation for students to pursue a wide variety of interests upon graduation. Facilities include two 24-track recording studios (analog and digital), various computer labs for audio/video/new-media development, and Pro Tools-based production/editing/mastering rooms.

Mercy College Center for Digital Arts

Faculty of Music, 555 Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 1E3 Phone 514/398-4535 Fax 514/398-8061 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 2-year Master's of Music Degree in Sound Recording; Ph.D. degree. Program: The graduate sound-recording program combines practical and theoretical training in studio techniques, microphone selection and placement, digital sound processing and related subjects. Also included are technical ear training to improve auditory perception and hands-on experience working with musicians, ranging from solo performers to full symphony orchestras. Three fully equipped control rooms, four performance venues, three post-production editing studios, a separate four-studio suite for electroacoustic music, multichannel audio research lab and two computer labs.

Miami-Dade Community College

277 Martine Ave., White Plains, NY 10601 Phone 914/948-3666 Fax 914/948-6732 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 4-year B.S. in Music Industry and Technology. Program: Located 20 miles from New York City in The Center for Digital Arts at Mercy College along with other media-related programs in game development, animation and Web design. Five 16-station labs, three recording studios and a performance theatre. Comprehensive curriculum in digital audio, MIDI, synthesis, music business and music theory. Experienced faculty working within the industry in nearby New York City. Competitive admission.

Middle Tennessee State University

School of Film and Video, 11380 N.W. 27th Ave., Miami, FL 33167 Phone 305/237-1185 Fax 305/237-1367 Website Degrees/Certificates: Associate Science Degree in Radio, Television, Broadcast Programming; Associate Science Degree in Film Production; Certificate in Television Production; Associate Arts Degree in Mass Communication. Program: The program is designed for students who intend to seek employment in radio, television and film production. It stresses hands-on equipment, and students have access to high-end cameras, editing suites and video graphics animation facilities, and complete portfolio-quality production.

Musitechnic Educational Services Inc.

PO Box 21, Murfreesboro, TN 37132 Phone 615/898-2578 Fax 615/898-5682 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: B.S. in Recording Industry, 4-year. Program: The Recording Industry department offers two concentrations: production & technology, and music business. With over 45 different courses, the RI program is the most comprehensive in the country. Facilities include three on-campus studios featuring SSL and Studer digital consoles, MIDI and Pro Tools labs, mastering and listening labs, post-production lab. Mixing and mastering in 5.1 channels are available. Two new studios are under construction. AES and SMPTE student chapters meet regularly.

Nassau Community College

888, de Maisonneuve East, Tower 3, Suite 440, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2L 4S8 Phone 514/521-2060 Fax 514/521-5153 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: Computer Assisted Sound Design, 1 year; Attestation of Collegial Studies (A.E.C.). Program: Musitechnic is the creator of the “Computer-Assisted Sound Design 901.24” collegial training program, offered in French or English. A thorough exploration of the technical and artistic facets of current hardware and software permits students to create, using the latest technological tools. Located right in downtown Montreal and easily accessible by public transport, Musitechnic offers its students a spacious, comfortable and professional work environment. Respected professionals active in the industry teach the program.

The New England Institute of Art

One Education Dr., Garden City, NY 11530 Phone 516/572-7446 Fax 516/572-9791 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 1-year certificate in Studio Recording Technology. Program: This three-semester program is designed to introduce students to music and recording technology, provides a broad perspective of the music industry and acquaints students with musical structures (intellectually and aurally). Technical skills and internship training will be acquired in a professional recording studio (at an off-campus location).

New England School of Communications

10 Brookline Place West, Brookline, MA 02445-7295 Phone 800/903-4425 Fax 617/582-4500 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: Associate of Science in Audio Production, 2-year; B.S. in Audio & Media Technology, 4-year. Program: You'll get a solid grounding in critical listening, computer music and the physics of sounds, plus exposure to the actual situations you'll run into in your professional career. On the engineering side, you'll learn on our 32-channel automated SSL SL6000E/G+ mixing console and Otari MX80 2-inch 24-track.

New York University

1 College Circle, Bangor, ME 04401 Phone 888/877-1876 Fax 207/947-3987 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 2-year Associate of Science in Communications, Audio Engineering Concentration; 4-year B.S. in Communications Audio Engineering Concentration. Program: Degree programs offering intensive, hands-on instruction in both analog and digital sound recording for music, television, radio and digital media. With advanced training in studio techniques using digital technology in an expansive on-site recording studio, students master the skills of recording, producing, mastering and distribution of audio through a variety of audio outlets. Lab classes are limited in size, allowing for extensive, individualized lab time.

NY Institute of Forensic Audio

School of Education, Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions, 35 West 4th St., Room 777, New York, NY 10012-1172 Phone 212/998-5422 Fax 212/995-4043 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 4-year B.A. in Recording Arts; 2-year certificate in Music Business; 4-year B.M.; 2-year Master's of Music in Music Technology. Program: NYU's premier Music Technology program teaches composers, performers, recording engineers and others to use tools of technology to realize their ideas. The program's breadth supports applications to film scoring, multimedia, computer music, tonmeister studies, interactive performance and collaborations involving experimental and traditional music. Our intense musical approach supports research and artistic production around the world. Facilities include 12 sophisticated recording and computer music studios.

NYC College of Technology/Entertainment Technology

PO Box 189, Colonia, NJ 07067 Phone 732/574-9672 Fax 732/381-4523 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: Video Authenticity certification, Audio Authenticity certification, Voice Identification. Program: Fully equipped lab features the Avid Forensic workstation, which enables hands-on experience for all participants. Audio enhancement and authenticity, video enhancement and authenticity, voice identifications are all offered. Evidence procedures, legal questions and courtroom testimony related to the above specialties will be discussed.

NYU Steinhart School

300 Jay St., #V411, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Phone 718/260-5588 Fax 718/260-5591 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 4-year B.T. in Entertainment Technology. Certificates in sound lighting, scenic construction and show control technologies. Program: City Tech's hands-on program focuses on sound for live entertainment: concerts, theater, theme parks and corporate events. We feature low tuition and a world-class faculty. Our location in the heart of the live entertainment world offers professional opportunities in addition to in-school production work. Our state-of-the-art labs feature $1.5 million in equipment, including Apogee Sound, Dataton, EAW, Crest, Crown, Level Control Systems, Mackie, Medialon, Meyer, Richmond Sound Design, Stage Research and TC Electronic.

Northeastern University

35 West 4th St., Suite 777, New York, NY 10012 Phone 212/998-5422 Fax 212/995-4043 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 4-year B.M. in Music Technology, 2-year M.M. in Music Technology, 2-year M.M. in Music Technology Scoring for Film and Multimedia Sequence, 2-year M.M. in Music Technology Tonemeister Honors Sequence that includes Tonmeister certification. Program: Prepares students for careers in recording engineering, production and post-production, audio/video mastering, audio maintenance and repair, synthesizer programming, multimedia and software development. Fourteen recording and primarily Macintosh computer music studios, an A/V studio with video projection and THX surround sound systems, an analog synthesis studio, a video digitizing and DVD-authoring studio, plus a complete 20-bit Sonic Solutions digital mastering room. Audio hardware includes Digidesign's Pro Tools|HD and MixPlus. SSL and Tascam consoles.

Ocean County Vocational Technical Schools

Audio Recording forElectronic Media Career, Technical Institute

Department of Music, 351 Ryder Hall, Boston, MA 02115 Phone 617/373-2440 Fax 617/373-4129 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: B.S. in Music Industry; B.S. in Music Technology (Composition for New Media); B.A. in Music Literature and Performance; B.S. dual-major in Multimedia Studies and Music Technology (includes animation, graphic design, digital photography and music technology). Program: According to the U.S. News & World Report, Northeastern is the Number One university in the country for programs requiring students to combine classroom learning with real-world experience (also known as co-op education). If you select co-op education while at Northeastern, you will work professionally for 18 months, alternating with semesters in school. All degree programs with co-op will take five years to complete.

Omega Recording Studios

PO Box 1125, NAVAIR, Lakehurst, NJ 08733-1125 Phone 732/657-4000 Fax 732/657-4500 E-mail Degrees/Certificates: 1/2-year Audio Engineering certificate. Program: This program was started in 1996 and is offered to high school and post-secondary students — the first one of its kind offered at the high-school level in New Jersey. 450 hours per year, emphasis on hands-on recording by students. Upgraded program facilities include three control rooms overlooking main studio, audio computer lab, separate mixing suite and three digital audio workstation suites.

Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology

School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences, 5609 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20852 Phone 301/230-9100 Fax 301/230-9103 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: five certificate programs nationally accredited by ACCSCT, approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and approved for veterans' educational benefits. The school is also an Avid-authorized education center. Program: The Omega Studios School functions within the four-studio Omega Recording Studios complex, offering five comprehensive programs, including Recording Engineering and Studio Techniques, Electronic Music Synthesizers and MIDI, Sound Reinforcement for Live Performance, Audio Production Techniques (featuring Pro Tools Operator certification) and Essentials of Music Business.

Parsons Center for Audio Studies

502 Newbold St., London, Ontario, Canada N6E 1K6 Phone 519/686-5010 Fax 519/686-0162 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 1-year, college-level diploma in Audio Recording Technology. Program: North America's first and longest-running integrated immersion program (since 1983). A full-time faculty and 6:1 student/instructor ratio allows well-qualified students from around the world to thrive on creative development while acquiring a genuine skill set. Within six studios equipped with professional-level analog and digital gear, students learn problem solving through signal flow, in addition to how and why things work. The 1,200 (plus) hours of the program are all in-studio, with 50% dedicated to student hands-on time.

Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University

192 Worcester St., Wellesley, MA 02481 Phone 781/431-8708 x11 Fax 781/431-8783 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: Certificate of Completion for each course completed (except Golden Ears). Program: Training for professionals, taught by masters. Faculty: David Moulton, Tom Bates, Brian Doser (of Digidesign) and Lauren Weinger. Courses for audio professionalsi nclude Golden Ears, Critical Listening for Audio Professionals, Principles of Audio for Professionals, Principles of Pro Tools, Pro Tools for Pros: Intermediate/Advanced, Growing Your Personal/Project Studio, Signal Processing I & II, Acoustics for Audio Professionals, etc.

Penn State University

1 East Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore, MD 21202 Phone 410/659-8100 x8136 Fax 410/659-8102 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: five-year Bachelor's Degree in Recording Arts, two-year Master's Degree in Audio Recording and Acoustics. Program: Comprehensive math/science/music-based degrees in recording arts. Fully automated digital facilities. See Website.

Pro Tools Training Center, Miami

103 Arts Building, University Park, PA 16802 Phone 814/863-4879 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 4-year BFA in Technical Theater (Sound Design); 4-year B.A. in Integrative Arts. Program: 3 theaters (all with automation systems: AudioBox, LCS and SFX PASC), recital hall, project recording studio, MIDI/mixdown suite, two computer labs (one Mac-only, one mixed platform) with audio facilities. Full-time faculty in sound design and electroacoustic music and a graduate-level program in acoustics.

Recording Arts Canada

1926 NE 154th St., North Miami Beach, FL 33162 Phone 888/277-0457 Fax 832/201-0384 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: Digidesign Pro Tools Operator certification (music or post-production), Digidesign Pro Tools Expert certification (music or post-production. Program: We are the premier Digidesign-certified Pro School with locations in Miami, Nashville, Atlanta and Texas. We offer all levels of Pro Tools training and have multiple Grammy winners as teachers, including Roger Nichols and Charles Dye. Our facilities are outfitted with Pro Tools|HD, Pro Control/Control 24 boards and a host of other pro audio hardware. Our classes are intense and condensed to fit the professional schedule.

SAE Institute of Technology

PO Box 11025, 984 Hwy #8, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada L8E 5P9 Phone 888/662-2664 Fax 905/643-7520 E-mail Website Program: If you're looking for a sound education, Recording Arts Canada is the place to be. With colleges in Montreal and the Toronto area, Recording Arts Canada offers comprehensive audio and multimedia training, state-of-the-art technology and tons of hands-on experience. Half of the training time is spent in the studio, where students learn the science and art of music scoring, sound for film and television, interactive media, live sound, MIDI and hard disk recording/editing — the core elements of album, radio, television, film and multimedia production.

Savannah College of Art and Design

1293 Broadway, 9th floor, New York, NY 10001 Phone 212/944-9121 Fax 212/944-9123 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 9/18-month Audio Technology Diploma (full time/part time), nine-month Multimedia Producer Diploma (full time). Program: SAE Institute of Technology is the largest audio and multimedia institute in the world. Our students have the advantage of over 25 years of audio and multimedia education experience, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and access to a worldwide network of more than 30 campuses in 15 countries on four continents. In the United States, SAE has campuses in New York City, Nashville and Miami, with more locations to follow in the near future.

Select Sound Studios

PO Box 2072, Savavannah, GA 31401-2072 Phone 800/869-7223 Fax 912/525-5986 E-mail Website

Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts

2315 Elmwood Ave., Kenmore, NY 14217 Phone 716/873-2717 Fax 716/873-2719 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: There are six New York State-accredited Recording Technologies programs. Each program is 12 weeks and three credits. Program: Select Sound Studios is a full-service recording facility specializing in education. The Recording Technologies program has been taught for three decades. Four production rooms offer students the opportunity to work in 24-track analog studios, Pro Tools TDM studios, a MIDI suite and a mastering suite. Topics include the history of recording, physics of sound, studio acoustics, the recording chain, microphone techniques, operation of tape recorders, mixing consoles, and Pro Tools native and TDM systems. New for this year is a personnel placement program.

Shenandoah University

13816 Sunnybrook Rd., Phoenix, MD 21131 Phone 410/628-7260 Fax 410/628-1977 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: certificate approved by Maryland Higher Education Commission. AudioWorks Program: 290 clock hours/full- or part-time Audio Engineering program. VideoWorks Program: 244 clock hours/full- or part-time Video Production program. TechWorks Program: 380 clock hours/full- or part-time Systems Integration, Installation and Maintenance program. Program: Classes taught at Sheffield Audio/Video Productions, one of the mid-Atlantic region's finest recording and video facilities. AudioWorks courses include three levels of recording engineering, MIDI, nonlinear digital audio (Pro Tools), live sound/remote recording. VideoWorks courses include camera, lighting, nonlinear digital video (Avid). TechWorks courses include basic electronics, test equipment/signal identification, cable construction, installation, maintenance. Hands-on learning featuring equipment such as SSL console and Avid editing systems.

State University of New York College at Fredonia

1460 University Dr., Winchester, VA 22601 Phone 540/665-5567 Fax 540/665-5402 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: Bachelor's of Music, Commercial Music emphasis. Program: Shenandoah University is located in a new state-of-the-art facility featuring an SSL 4000 G+ console with automation. Students receive hands-on training and experience by recording over 300 concerts, student and faculty recitals, along with internal and external projects every year. In addition to the SSL, we have world-class processing and a large selection of pro microphones. Balancing out our program are two MIDI/editing suites where students use software programs such as Pro Tools|24, Cubase VST and Cakewalk Pro Audio.

Trebas Institute, Ontario

1146 Mason Hall, Fredonia, NY 14063 Phone 716/673-4634 Fax 716/673-3154 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 4-year B.S. in Sound Recording Technology. Program: Program operated from within the School of Music. Accredited by NASM. Modeled after European Tonmeister training. Competence in playing a musical instrument and in natural sciences must be demonstrated through scheduled audition. High placement rate: Internships at leading facilities are available on a regular basis. Five studios, including 24-track analog and digital facilities, MIDI/sampling labs. Students receive a minimum of 650 hours in-studio experience.

Trod Nossel Recording Studio

149 College St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 1P5 Phone 416/966-3066 Website Degrees/Certificates: 1-year diploma programs in Audio Engineering, Recorded Music Production, Music Business Administration, Film/Television Production, New-Media Development and 3-D Animation. B.A. in Sound Technology (2 years, following 1-year diploma in Audio Engineering) in partnership with the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Program: Established in 1979 to help students acquire knowledge and develop skills for entry into fields of music business, audio, record production, film/TV production, post-production, interactive multimedia and computer animation. Outstanding instructors. High-tech studios and labs. Focus on preparing grads for real-world careers. Lifetime national job-search assistance. Grads with major entertainers, studios, companies worldwide. Authorized training center for Cubase and Macromedia. Companion school in Montreal.

Unity Gain Recording Institute

10 George St., Wallingford, CT 06492 Phone 800/800-HITS Fax 203/294-1745 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: MRT 1 (offered 2x per year); MRT 2 (offered 1x per year); CRT (offered 1x per year). Program: Modern Recording Techniques is a hands-on technical course in the basics of recording. MRT 1 is a 12-week program consisting of seven weeks of theory, with five weeks of hands-on recording sessions. MRT 2 is a hands-on 15-week program. The newly added CRT is a 10-12-week computer-based recording class with take-home lab assignments.

University of Memphis

1953 Ricardo Ave., Fort Myers, FL 33901 Phone 239/332-4246 Fax 239/332-4246 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: certificate of graduation upon completion of each 48-week program. Program: The Audio Recording Comprehensive program and the Advanced Techniques in Audio Recording are two four-level programs that provide over 250 hours of hands-on recording. Class size is limited, providing a semi-private learning environment in two state-of-the-art recording studios. Students record 20 musical acts on analog and digital formats, utilizing MIDI, direct-to-disk recording and CD production.

University of Hartford, The Hartt School

Music Industry Program, 106 Communication Fine Arts Building, Memphis, TN 38152 Phone 901/678-2559 Fax 901/678-5119 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: B.M. in Music Industry with concentrations in Recording Technology, Music Business. Program: Programs stress understanding of fundamental concepts, yet place equal emphasis on developing student's ability to adapt to new practices, technologies and creative directions. Instructors actively involved in industry. Studio B extensively renovated and now features an AMS/Neve Libra digital console and improved acoustics. Students enjoy generous lab access where hands-on training is stressed. Memphis community offers diverse cultural opportunities, rich internship possibilities. NASM-accredited.

University of Hartford, Ward College

200 Bloomfield Ave., West Hartford, CT 06117 Phone 860/768-4465 Fax 860/768-4441 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: B.M. in Music Production and Technology. Program: MPT is a competitive program designed to train musicians for careers in music production. A strong academic background and music audition are required. Training includes recording engineering and production, electronic music, acoustics, electronics, music management, internship and practicum, in addition to music theory, ear training, private lessons (instrument or voice), ensemble and liberal arts. Facilities include several studios, a computer lab and a hard-disk-based remote recording system.

University of Maine, Augusta

200 Bloomfied Ave., West Hartford, CT 06117 Phone 800/766-4024 Fax 860/768-5074 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 4-year B.S. in Audio Engineering Technology. Program: This program places emphasis on technical support skills, differentiating it from other programs. Students take a majority of courses in applied audio electronics, in addition to a track of courses in audio studio engineering, acoustics and computer programming. Electives allow students to take additional coursework in an area of their choice. Example concentrations include RF communications, recording and computer programming.

University of Massachusetts Lowell

46 University Dr., Augusta, ME 04330 Phone 207/621-3267 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: B.M. in Jazz and Contemporary Music (audio concentration). Program: UMA has the only music program in Maine with a state-of-the-art recording studio. Recording commercial music and s is a significant part of the music industry in Maine. Our internships are a student's best link to employment.

University of Miami School of Music

Sound Recording Technology, One University Ave., Lowell, MA 01854 Phone 978/934-3850 Fax 978/934-3034 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: B.M. in Sound Recording Technology. Program: The primary program prepares students for production-related careers in the recording industry through studies in music, EE, computer science, math and physics, and a minimum of nine courses in the art and technology of recording. SRT minors prepare students for technology-development career paths. Supported by eight control rooms: 24-track, MIDI/synthesis, 8-track, video/post, maintenance/repair, critical listening, hard disk recording, entry-level room.

University of New Haven

PO Box 248165, Coral Gables, FL 33124 Phone 305/284-2241 Fax 305/284-6475 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: B.M. in Music Engineering with either a minor in Electrical Engineering or a double-major in Computer Science, Master of Science in Music Engineering. Program: The Music Engineering program accepts undergraduate musicians who desire careers in music recording, audio engineering, audio equipment hardware and software design, sound reinforcement and broadcasting. By combining music and music engineering studies with Electrical Engineering or computer science, students enjoy diverse professional opportunities. Graduate students who have completed their undergraduate electrical engineering degree engage in research in DSP programming, psychoacoustics and synthesis. Facilities include two state-of-the-art recording studios.

University of North Carolina, Asheville

300 Orange Ave., West Haven, CT 06516 Phone 203/932-7101 Fax 203/931-6097 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: B.A. Music, B.A. Music and Sound Recording, B.S. Music and Sound Recording, B.A. Music Industry. Program: The Music and Sound Recording and the Music Industry programs provide a unique balance of courses in the areas of music, sound recording and business, as well as music industry. The sound recording courses include multitrack recording, digital audio and the use of computers in the recording studio. The music industry courses cover topics such as record companies, contracts, recording studio management, copyright law and music publishing.

University of South Carolina

Music Department, One University Heights, 024 Lipinsky Hall, CPO #2290, Asheville, NC 28804 Phone 828/251-6432 Fax 828/253-4573 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 4-year B.S. in Music Technology, 4-year B.A. in Music with a concentration in Jazz Studies, B.A. in Music (general music studies). Program: The UNCA Music Technology program was established in 1982. The recording facilities include two multitrack studios (both with digital and analog recording equipment), which houses a variety of consoles, microphones, signal processors, Pro Tools workstations, etc. The electronic music laboratory houses various analog and digital synthesizers, samplers, as well as a Moog, Theremin, etc.

Yale School of Drama

School of Music, 813 Assembly St., Columbia, SC 29208 Phone 803/576-5639 Fax 803/777-6508 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: B.M. in Music Engineering Technology (under-development). Program: Current curriculum includes more than 10 classes in sound recording (pop and classical recording, mixing techniques, workstation editing, digital audio technology and audio for video) and music technology (synthesis, signal processing, sequencing and computer music). Facilities include a large recording studio with a 48-input console, 24-track digital recorder and Pro Tools|HD2 workstation. There is also an 18-station computer music lab and two electronic music/MIDI studios equipped with 24-input consoles, 8-track digital recorders and Pro Tools workstations.

PO Box 208244, New Haven, CT 06520-8244 Phone 203/432-8825 Fax 203/432-1596 E-mail Website Degrees/Certificates: 3-year MFA in Sound Design; 1-year Sound Engineering internship. Program: The Sound Design Program trains eligible applicants in the theory and practice of professional sound design. Coursework covers script interpretation, compositional elements of design, introductory sound design, fundamentals of sound and music technology, advanced problem solving, sound delivery systems, advanced digital sound and music technology, design master class and a practical design thesis project. Qualified students will have numerous opportunities to design for student and Yale Repertory productions.

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