Mackie Introduces Spike

Mackie Designs Inc. announced an all-inclusive compact recording system. Available in Q4 2003, the Spike Powered Recording System ($419) 9/08/2003 8:00 AM Eastern

Mackie Designs Inc. announced an all-inclusive compact recordingsystem. Available in Q4 2003, the Spike Powered Recording System ($419)includes all of the hardware and software necessary to track, mix andrecord music on a Mac or PC, including Mackie's new XD-2 USB 24-bit USBaudio/MIDI interface, integrated Tracktion audio recording andsequencing software, a copy of Ableton Live Mackie and more.

"Many musicians looking to get started in the world ofcomputer-based recording are discouraged by the complexity andlimitations of existing software and hardware systems," commented DanMoore, recording product development manager at Mackie. "Spike isreally about providing a turnkey, out-of-box recording solution thatwill allow even the most technically challenged musician to be trackingand editing their music in a matter of minutes rather than days."

The hardware portion of the Spike Powered Recording System is thenew 2-channel XD-2 USB audio/MIDI interface with 24-bit, 96kHzresolution and support for ASIO 2.0, WDM and OS X Core Audio. The XD-2features two of Mackie's low-noise digital mic preamps that deliver lowdistortion, plenty of headroom and a clean, detailed sound. Each inputchannel features a "combo" jack that can support a line-level or aninstrument input, in addition to the mic preamp. Other input/outputoptions include S/PDIF I/O, MIDI I/O, stereo monitor outputs, andfront-panel headphone jack and level control.

The XD-2 also features an onboard SHARC® DSP chip that supportsa full suite of dynamics processing for recording. This includes a4-band parametric EQ, a compressor/limiter and a gate/expander, all ofwhich can be rearranged in order along the signal path for each inputor output channel. The onboard DSP also allows for low-latencymonitoring of effects while recording.

The software bundle that ships with the Spike Recording Systemincludes a copy of Tracktion, a new multitrack recording and MIDIsequencing software application from Raw Material Software. Tracktion'sinterface allows users to record, overdub, edit, mix and play back anycombination of audio tracks or MIDI sequences. Through a drag-and-dropinterface, Tracktion provides unlimited track count, and full VST andVSTi support automation. Tracktion ships with a number of bundledeffects and soft synths. As part of the Spike Powered Recording System,Mackie is also including is a copy of Ableton Live Mackie, a powerfulloop-based sequencing software application for live performance basedon the Live software from Ableton. Mackie will also bundle the newWarmer-Phaser modulator based on the Blue Tubes bundle from NomadFactory.

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