Now Shipping: PreSonus Eureka

PreSonus is now shipping the all-new Eureka, a single-channel, Class-A, transformer-coupled mic preamp, compressor and equalizer. 10/29/2003 7:00 AM Eastern

PreSonus is now shipping the all-new Eureka, a single-channel,Class-A, transformer-coupled mic preamp, compressor and equalizer. The new recording channel devicefeatures selectable microphone input impedance, saturation control fortube-saturation emulation, full-featured compressor and 3-bandparametric EQ.

Eureka's compressor features variable threshold, attack, release andgain makeup. It offers a soft-knee compression mode, as well as ahighpass filter on the sidechain for frequency-dependent compression,useful for frequency-specific compression applications. Eureka alsooffers a fully parametric 3-band EQ with overlapping bands andswitchable staging for the EQ and compressor, enabling the user to swapthe order of the EQ and compression. Other features include instrument,line and microphone inputs, as well as switchable gain reduction forthe VU meter, dual outputs (TRS and XLR) that can be usedsimultaneously and an optional digital output card capable of up to24-bit 96khz output on AES/EBU or S/PDIF. In addition, the unit has a48-volt phantom power unit with an 80Hz rumble filter, a –20dBpad, a phase-inversion switch, and balanced send and return jacks forinserting outboard gear.

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