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The Next Big Format: Ice?

Here’s a new record that’s cool—in fact, it’s frozen. The Shout Out Louds' latest, "Blue Ice," was released on records made out of actual ice.

Records are making a comeback these days, having been adopted by hipsters as the format of choice. The problem is, Hipster Rule #1 has always been, “When everyone starts buying a hip item, it’s not cool anymore.” Well, here’s a record that’s still cool—in fact, it’s frozen.

Swedish indie darlings The Shout Out Louds have a new album coming out, and its first single is “Blue Ice,” a mellow track reminiscent of The Blue Nile. To spread the word, the band made a limited run of 10 kits that allow you to make your own 45 of the song…out of ice.

Since most of us will never get to make or hear the “Blue Ice” 45, the helpful video above shows how it’s done and then plays the whole song for you, direct from the slab of turntable tundra. (If you’re in the mood for more records made out of unusual substances, check out our post on a playable record made out of chocolate.)

In the meantime, if you manage to get your hands on this kit and make your own “Blue Ice” record, take some advice: Keep the frozen 45 next to your copy of “Ice Ice Baby” to ensure it stays cold…and if it melts, look on the bright side—you ruined your copy of “Ice Ice Baby.”