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FixIt: Steve Miller monitor engineer Ira Malek

Read monitor engineer Ira Malek Tip on Using Yamaha PM5D Console

Ira Malek

There is always something new to learn on the [Yamaha] PM5D. For example, you can’t really store a song per scene on other consoles for a seasoned rock band because the dynamics are making you work the desk, not the scene. With PM5D’s Version 2 software, I am able to go to the mixer’s setup and set it up to whatever I may need, making it that much more musical; the console doesn’t limit me. Steve is on Future Sonics ear molds, and two of the other musicians are on ears, plus the guitar tech, and there are five wedge mixes. The great thing about the 5D is that I’m almost playing it like a keyboard; I’m basically mixing for Steve’s ears. He used to have one full desk and a separate split just for him. By using the PM5D and going to in-ears, I have eliminated three wedge mixes and sidefills, so the inputs are open for less EQs and more effects sends. I’m old school; I just need a knob. For monitors, one scene to one song changes your mix dramatically.