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Live Sound

Missouri Baptist Convention Hits the Road

The organization is covering its constituents at live events throughout the year with a new Martin Audio PA in tow.

Missouri (August 15, 2019)—The Missouri Baptist Convention, a group of 1,900 churches, recently purchased a Martin Audio WPC system with SXH218 subwoofers to use for live events that the organization produces.

As Mitch Canote, specialist in media technology & events, points out, “Chris Brizendine (media, technology & events group leader) and I oversee every aspect of production for the live events that our organization puts on. We have a Martin Audio WPC/SXH rig as a traveling system for several major events a yeart, including conferences, business meetings and summer camps in all kinds of spaces.

Martin Audio Deployed in NYC’s Gran Tivoli Restaurant

“In the last two weeks, we’ve been in vastly different theaters and for meetings, in conference centers that are basically big, concrete boxes that obviously sound different than theaters. Occasionally, we do outdoor events in open spaces like fields as well, so we needed a very flexible system that could function effectively in a variety of environments which is what led us to Martin Audio WPC.”

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The traveling system consists of 12 WPC boxes, six per side, with four SXH218 subs ground-stacked in front of the stage to cover rooms that “range from 550-seat to 1,300-seat theaters, and hotel ballrooms that hold from 1,400 to 2,000. Having the flexibility to go from one to the other without worrying about whether or not it’s going to be covered is a huge weight off our shoulders.”

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