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Nexo Vibes with All Time Low

Sound Works Productions provided a Nexo Geo S12 line array for a festival headlined by All Time Low in early May at Valparaiso University.

Buena Park, CA (June 15, 2018)—When All Time Low headlined the annual Valpo Vibes Music Festival last month at Valparaiso University in Indiana, Mokena, IL-based Sound Works Productions was on hand to make sure the band rocked the crowd hard. Helping make that happen was the SR provider’s Nexo Geo S12 line array.

That was just fine with Kevin Flasza, front of house engineer for All Time Low: “When I heard this event was going to be supplied by Sound Works Productions, I knew everything about this day was going to be easy and successful. I asked if they were going to bring out their Nexo Geo S12 system, and didn’t need to ask any more questions after that was confirmed.”

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The system provided for Valpo Vibes included 18 Nexo Geo S1210s, two Geo S1230s, a dozen Nexo RS18 Ray Subs, four PS10 speakers for front fills and seven 4×4 NXAmps.

Flasza recalled, “We had a super-fast sound check after taking an initial listen to some playback with system tech Matt McWilliams, who excellently tuned the rig. I had the same fantastic show experience that I’ve come to know every time I’m working with Nexo Geo S12 boxes.”

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Valpo Vibes wasn’t the first festival that Sound Works has used the Nexo system for, according to Daniel Nickleski, COO/Operations: “The Nexo Geo S12 has always been a rental line array system that has offered us flexibility and sonic excellence since the day we brought it into our warehouse. From festivals and concerts to corporate and house of worship events, the Geo S12 always shines and has become a staple for our company.”

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