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Santos Party House Sound System Upgrade

Read Mix Profile on Sound System for Santos Party House Club in New York City

Popular New York City club Santos Party House now features an advanced sound system designed and integrated by TimbreTech Audio Services, and based around a Soundcraft Vi6 board at FOH that is easily locked off and run remotely via a laptop in the DJ booth. The board was spec’d by Jim Toth. At monitors is a Soundcraft Vi4 running six JBL SRX 712M 12-inch wedges powered by Crown XTI 6000 Series amps. The P.A. comprises JBL VerTec VT4887DP Series line array elements with VT4880 subs. Toth’s use of the loudspeakers allowed him to set the level and EQ of each cabinet individually, a requirement as the room hosts DJ/club and live performances, as well as other events.

The dance system sees a 24-foot horizontal array of custom-designed speakers that span the length of the room and deliver even coverage. Each five-way features 24-inch and 15-inch drivers in a line spaced with minimal interference or cone filtering; bass is supplied by the same JBL VerTec VT4888 subs. Power is via Crown I-Tech 4000/8000 amps with built-in DSP.

“The coverage of this system is amazing. It has power, consistency and control that helps set the personality of the club,” says Ron Castellano, owner of the club. “There is nothing raw about it; instead, it’s very hi-fi and sophisticated, but there’s massive power there if the DJ needs to accelerate!”