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On The Road with CCM Act Bryan and Katie Torwalt

The FOH position for Grammy-winning CCM artists Bryan and Katie Torwalt is based around an Allen & Heath dLive CTi1500 surface.

The FOH position for Bryan and Katie Torwalt is based around an Allen & Heath dLive CTi1500 surface.

New York, NY (July 20, 2022)—Since their first album more than a decade ago, Grammy-winning artists Bryan and Katie Torwalt have spread their music and its message through live performances—so much so that their new May, 2022 release, I’ve Got Good News, is actually a live album. In recent times, a lot of the duo’s touring has been mixed like by FOH engineer Rob Drayton, who has been mixing them on an Allen & Heath’s dLive CTi1500 surface.

A key factor for going with the diminutive CTi1500 surface was that it would give them a small form factor without compromising on processing capabilities. “I need something that has the capacity to do both Front of House and Monitors,” Drayton said, “but that I could also load-in myself without needing a second person.”

Volume Streaming Service Centers Around Mixer

Their recent tour included the lightweight 19” titanium rack-mountable CTi1500 dLive surface, along with a DM48 MixRack and several wireless systems in a single rack case. “I could roll the whole thing in, pop the cover off, run one cable and that was it,” said Drayton. “I enjoyed challenging the status quo of larger consoles; this was simple and sounded great.” The CTi1500 also housed a Dante card that allowed for multitrack recording of every performance, as well as virtual soundcheck playback.

The compact 12-fader CTi1500 handled both FoH and monitor duties, as the 128-channel, 64-bus dLive mix engine had enough power to double-patch all the inputs internally without needing a separate monitor console.