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Milwaukee’s Summerfest: The “Big Gig” Is Back

After a hiatus in 2020, Milwaukee’s Summerfest returned in September with Clearwing Productions providing audio, lighting, video and more, as seen in this photo essay.

Milwaukee, WI—After a hiatus in 2020, Milwaukee’s Summerfest, traditionally held over 13 consecutive days from late June to early July, returned for three weekends, three days each, from September 2-18, 2021. Also continuing with tradition, midwest production powerhouse Clearwing Productions provided audio, lighting, video, backline, rigging and staging for the 12 venues, each sporting JBL VTX A12 P.A. systems.

Lollapalooza Kicks It Off!

“Summerfest was a blast this year,” said Matthew Stevens, FOH engineer for Better Than Ezra. “It felt great to be back out playing big shows again after the past year. There was a lot of positive energy leading up to the show, so when we arrived and I saw the JBL rig there, it put my mind at ease. The VTX A12 has the clarity and plenty of volume, and the new B28 Subs had enough low end to shake the crowd.”