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AEA Releases ‘Fix It In The Mic’ Video with Chuck Ainlay

Audio Engineering Associates (AEA) in Pasadena, Calif., announces the first episode of its new video series, “Fix It In The Mic,” which features Nashville-based Grammy Award–winning producer/engineer Chuck Ainlay. In the interview, Ainlay explains his approach to recording and how he uses microphones to get great sounds right away.

AEA’s “Fix It In The Mic” video series is aimed at sharing the microphone secrets and tricks of industry professionals.

In addition, this episode features insights into Ainlay’s engineering philosophies, such as embracing experimentation and chance. He points out how to use different microphones to create full and well-rounded records, how to use leakage (or bleed), and why a cardioid microphone isn’t always the best choice.

Watch ‘AEA Fix It In The Mic Nashville – Chuck Ainlay’ on YouTube.

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