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Hollyland Lark Max Wireless Content Creation Mic Debuts

Hollyland has introduced its Lark Max wireless mic system, offering 8GB storage, 22-hour battery life and an 820-foot range.

Hollyland Lark Max wireless microphone system.
Hollyland Lark Max wireless microphone system.

Shenzhen, China (June 28, 2023)—Following its recent appearance at the NAB Show, Hollyland has released its latest product intended for content creators with the introduction of its new Lark Max wireless microphone system. Offering 8GB storage, 22-hour battery life, and a 820-foot range, the system ships today.

Lark Max uses Hollyland’s MaxTimbre mic technology, which uses the company’s microphone air film technology—a multilayer membrane microphone design said to eliminate unwanted resonance. That is encased in a windproof, vibration-isolating durable mesh. The unit also has an on-board Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology, which can provide extra sound clarity in noisy environments by pressing the button.

Lark Max boasts a 48 kHz sampling rate, 24-bit bit depth, 70 dB signal-to-noise ratio and 128 dB max sound pressure level. Helping users keep track of all that is a 1.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen on the receiver, which shows power, signal, audio levels, connection status and more. Various professional settings can be customized by using the control knob and on-screen home button. The shortcut menu provides additional accessibility, letting users turn on or off noise reduction, recording, and mute.

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The magnetic attachment on the transmitter fixes securely to clothing and accessories. To ensure a better user experience, both transmitters have 8GB of memory for up to 14 hours of internal backup recording in lossless mono .WAV format.

The new mic system offers a battery life of up to 22 hours with a fully charged charging case: 7.5 hours for the transmitter and 9 hours for the receiver, which can be charged separately and used while charging. Lark Max is compatible with standard smartphones, tablets, cameras, computers, etc.

Lark Max Duo is priced at $299 and Lark Max Solo is priced at $199. New users who purchase the mic system within the first month of launch will receive two lavalier mics with the Duo version, or one lavalier mic with the Solo version.