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Bag End Minima One

Bag End’s second-generation Minima One amplifier module features THAT Corporation’s ( new, patented InGenius input stage chip. The Minima One is a 1,000-watt, high-fidelity, high-efficiency amp module.

The InGenius front-end chip overcome a serious limitation of conventional balanced input stages: poor common-mode rejection in real-world applications, reducing noise and interference on the input line. The patented input stage chip uses bootstrapping to raise its common-mode input impedance into the meg-ohm range without the noise penalty from using high-valued resistors. Like transformers, InGenius line receivers maintain their high CMRR over a wide range of source impedance imbalances, even when fed from single-ended sources. But unlike transformers, these wide-bandwidth, solid-state devices offer DC coupling, low distortion and transparent sound in a small package.

Suggested retail price: adds $800 to the cost of the speaker system, depending on the speaker system model. For more information, visit
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