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DK-Technologies Meters Software

New software for DK-Technologies’ (booth #1201) range of Master Stereo and Surround Sound meters will be shown at AES. This software provides enhanced features for audio meters, such as PC data interface, graphic loudness measurement and an extended Jelly-Fish display for surround sound.


The new Windows software module “DK-Logging” connects a PC over a serial interface directly to the audio meter. It can log levels on up to 16 audio channels simultaneously, with logging intervals down to one second. The total logging time is only limited by available hard disk space in the PC. Tolerances on “overs” and “unders” can be entered into the setup of the program, enabling it to create alarms by exceeding these tolerances. In the log, all alarms are marked together with a timestamp from real time in the PC or an external timecode signal.

An extended graphic loudness measurement function is available in the new software. Loudness can be measured with a choice of filters including LEQ(m), and a filter reducing the influence low audio frequencies or without filtering. Loudness is displayed as bars and as a graphic curve with indication of instant values and loudness integrated over time. The graphic display allows audio engineers to optimize the sound dynamic for a recording’s overall loudness.

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