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DK-Technologies to Exhibit at NAB 2007 Show

Denmark-based manufacturer DK-Technologies will attend this year’s NAB convention in Las Vegas (April 16-19; booth N1835) with a range of audio meters, video sync and test signal generators, and color analyzers for both LCD and CRT monitors.

The company will exhibit upgrades to its flagship MSD 600M Series audio meter. New features have been incorporated, including the latest LEQ Loudness measurement protocol; an upgraded Jellyfish surround sound display that enables users to obtain more information; improvements in Session Logging and LEQ Logging and graphing with SMPTE timecode. DK-Technologies has also improved DK-Level Read, the PC-based long format logging and documentation software.

Also on exhibit will be the PM5639/06 LCD color analyzer, which is designed to check color temperature and luminance levels, and give the most accurate alignment possible with any tristimulus color analyzer. New for 2007 is a complete package for analyzing both CRT and LCD monitors. This package includes the CRT and LCD probes, the handheld display, a tripod for LCD probe, power supply, batteries and accessories. The kit comes with one complimentary calibration.

Completing the new product lineup is the PT8613 Dual Link Test Signal Generator module for DK-Technologies’ PT5300 HD-SD VariTime Sync Generator. The PT5300 generates signals for the various formats and standards available in today’s production and post-production facilities. The new PT8613 is a test signal generator module for the PT5300 Sync and Test Signal Generator Mainframe. It provides two independent multi-system generators, each capable of providing configurable video interface systems as HD Dual Link, HD Single Link and SD.

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