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Emoto’s Craig J Produces Remix Album By David Cassidy

Composer, producer and remixer Craig J, a partner in Emoto in Santa Monica, Calif., was recently tapped by 180 Music to produce a new remix album for pop music icon David Cassidy. Part of Target’s Spotlight Music Series, David Cassidy Part II: The Remix includes club versions of “I Think I Love You,” “Come On Get Happy,” “I Can Feel Your Heartbeat” and other classics. Craig J has created Top 10 remixes of songs by such artists as Madonna, Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson and Rod Stewart.

Cassidy recorded new vocal tracks for 12 of his 1970s hits in the original keys and tempos. Craig J then created unique arrangements with dance beats. “Cherish,” for example, is transformed with a slick groove, while “I’ll Meet You in the Hallway” is turned into an upbeat, Gospel-flavored anthem.

“These tracks obviously are very close to David’s heart, and I wanted to be sure he liked this new approach,” says Craig J. “My goal was to give the songs a contemporary beat while preserving the passion that made them hits in the first place.”

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