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Fairlight DREAM Suite

Fairlight recently unveiled DREAM Suite, a fully featured 48-track DAW, StationPLUS fully automated 56-channel/24-bus surround sound mixing, Creamware plug-ins with 80 plug-in suite license, networking and Pyxis NLV video system.

The DREAM Suite is available for all confirmed orders until January 31, 2005. The DREAM Suite Package includes a QDC Engine fitted with two QDC Cards; a Fairlight Station Controller and a single Sidecar fader panel and Main Meter panel; three AES/EBU digital audio cards (24 channels); a speaker analog output card (eight channels); an analog input card (eight channels); a plug-ins card (six DSP); an external PC; a license for plug-ins (80 plug-ins from the Creamware library); a Media-Link Node license; and a Pyxis NLV license including Coms card.

The DAW is available under Fairlight’s DREAM Suite Lease program, which requires a personal credit check and a one-page application form, and guarantees a response within 48 hours. Customers may also apply for the DREAM Suite 90-day deferred payment option.

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