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Australia’s Largest Post-Production Houses Install Fairlight Pyxis

Soundfirm, Australia’s largest post-production company with facilities in Sydney and Melbourne, has added a fifth Pyxis NLV system to its facility. Soundfirm has produced movies such as Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge, as well as Babe and Shine.

“We chose the Fairlight Pyxis,” says Soundfirm’s technical manager, Bruce Emery, “for all the functions it offers in the use of an ADR cueing system and Foley recording. It also allows fast and easy control from a Smart control surface.” Soundfirm uses all five Pyxis systems on an ongoing basis. Three are used in ADR rooms in Sydney and Melbourne, while another system is used for Foley. The fifth Pyxis is used in the facility’s main dubbing room as a video follower. All five are driven by Pyxis’ included ADR software package.

Other Australian facilities have also installed Pyxis systems. Atlab, the largest film processing laboratory and post-production facility in Australasia, uses Pyxis to deliver digital images in its main mixing theater. Mark Tanner Sound in Sydney uses a Fairlight DREAM Suite with Pyxis. GAS Melbourne a commercial post-production house in Oz, uses Pyxis in all three of its DREAM equipped studios. Lastly, film mixing company Music and Effects in Melbourne and Hamdon Sound, an advertising post-production company in Perth, each use a DREAM Suite with Pyxis.

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