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Glyph Now Shipping GT 050Q

Building on Glyph’s original GT 050, which incorporated FireWire 400, the GT 050Q adds FireWire 800, eSATA and USB 2 ports. The GT 050Q tabletop hard drive is available with up to 500GB capacity, and is designed for high-speed access to audio and video content.

Offering flexible connectivity options, the GT 050Q can be used with any Apple or PC computer with FireWire, USB or eSATA ports. GT 050Q is constructed with durable stainless steel and uses tri-laminate sound-damping metal, which absorbs drive vibration before it can get to the chassis.

The GT 050Q is the first of Glyph’s new products to use Seagate’s new SATA drive technology, coupled with Oxford’s 924 chip and offering an eSATA port on the enclosure. Using eSATA, the GT 050Q can achieve transfer rates as high as 109 MB/sec.

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