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HARMAN’s AKG Relaunches Project Studio Line of Condenser Mics 

AKG C3000

HARMAN’s AKG has revamped its Project Studio Line of condenser microphones, which AKG originally launched in the mid-1990s. The new designs of the C2000, C3000, C4000 and C4500 BC incorporate the edge-terminated capsule found in AKG’s premium line of mics, and maintain many of the technical aspects of the earlier models while offering AKG’s updated quality and design work.

AKG recommends the C3000 for miking lead vocals and electric and acoustic guitars, as well as for overhead drum-miking applications. Its switchable attenuation pad and low-cut filter are said to enable high SPL handling up to 150 dB and eliminate proximity effects.

The C2000 small-diaphragm condenser is designed for vocals, brass and percussion, and said to offer great transient response and a remarkable low end. Its low-noise electronics promise low distortion and a high dynamic range.

AKG C4500 BC

The C4000 has a multi-pattern, large-diaphragm design that promises exceptionally high headroom and low self-noise, and a wide dynamic range for a condenser mic for use in the studio or onstage. Its warm, dark-sounding character is recommended for miking thin-sounding vocals, bright brass and acoustic guitars.

AKG’s C4500 BC is specially designed for on-air broadcast purposes. The mic is designed with cardioid pickup for voice-friendly tuning and low proximity effect, along with high RF/EMI insensitivity. Its low noise and 165dB maximum SPL capability enable it to be used for close miking of instruments such as bass drum, low brass and guitar amps.

For more information, visit AKG’s Website and AKG’s YouTube channel.