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HHB FlashMics, Recording Media

HHB DRM85-LI FlashMic

HHB is introducing two new FlashMic Digital Recording Microphones at the 123rd AES Convention in New York City (booth #418/demo room #2D01): the DRM85-LI and DRM85-CLI. Developed for broadcast applications, the new models are line-input equipped versions of the existing DRM85 omni-directional and DRM85-C cardioid FlashMics.

Both new FlashMics feature a bantam TT jack input on the base of the microphone body. An XLR to bantam jack cable is supplied which, when connected, switches out the microphone signal, recording only the line input signal. Journalists have the ability to record a press conference feed, then switch quickly to record interviews or add commentary to the piece.

The new FlashMics are also compatible with MP3 files. By using the the included FlashMic Manager Mac/PC software application, FlashMic PCM or MP2 format recordings can be converted while being transferred from the FlashMic to a computer. Existing FlashMic owners can download the updated FlashMic Manager software free of charge at www.flashmic.info

HHB is also expanding its Professional Recording Media products with the CDR80HS 2X-52X CD-R disc and the HHB CFPRO range of 1-, 2- and 8GB 80X high-speed Professional Compact Flash cards.

The new HHB CDR80HS CD-R disc is available as a branded disc in a jewel case, or inkjet printable in 50 disc cake packs. It promises consistently low-block error rates in a disc rated at 2X-52X, as well as ultralow jitter performance, while the Pthalocyanine organic dye and protective coating provide a secure archival life that is reportedly in excess of 100 years. High reflectivity ensures compatibility with a wide range of writers and recorders, with consistency assured by HHB’s policy of batch testing discs with popular hardware on a continual basis.

The HHB CFPRO1, CFPRO2 and CFPRO8 offer professional-grade, high-speed Compact Flash media optimized for critical audio and video applications. Extensively tested with a range of popular audio and video devices, and cameras, and supplied with a five-year warranty, the new 80x rated 1-, 2- and 8GB Compact Flash cards feature ATA host-to-buffer transfer rates supporting PIO 4 in true IDE mode, and a sophisticated error correction code and wear-leveling algorithm.

The CFPRO packaging features durable library cases providing enhanced protection and the capacity necessary to contain the paper parts provided for documenting recorded contents.

HHB products are distributed exclusively in the U.S. by Sennheiser Electronic Corporation. For more information, visit, and For more new product announcements, visit