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Hosa Technology Adaptors

Hosa Technology has added new adaptors to its product line, including the GSK-112 speaker adaptor ($34.50), the GOP-490 optical adaptor ($4.50) and the OPQ-210 optical cable ($24.50).

Hosa GSK-112

Designed to make the process of interconnecting power amplifiers and loudspeaker enclosures easier, Hosa’s new GSK-112 is a 6-inch “pigtail” adaptor that converts ¼-inch TS (tip-sleeve) to Speakon. Featuring a heavy-duty Hosa female TS connector on one end and terminated at the other end with a genuine Neutrik Speakon connector, the GSK-112 uses heavy-duty, 12AWGX2 speaker cable between the two ends.

Hosa’s new GSK-112 is a 12AWG version of Hosa’s GSK-116 (16AWGX2). The adaptor enables any speaker cable with conventional ¼-inch TS plugs to connect to any cabinet with Speakon connectors. The heavy-duty 12AWG speaker cable enables users to drive loudspeakers harder than would typically be safe with 16AWG speaker cable. Hosa uses only genuine Neutrik connectors.

Also available is the company’s BNP-116 adaptor. The BNP-116 is a ¼-inch TS to dual banana plug adaptor that enables speaker cable with ¼-inch TS plugs to be connected to hi-fi equipment outfitted with universal binding posts. Available in either red or black, the BNP-116 is especially popular with DJs. Hosa also offers Neutrik’s NL4LJX ¼-inch TS to Speakon adaptor and NL4MMX locking Speakon coupler.

Users of Macintosh computers can interface their iMac’s 3.5mm mini Toslink output to popular Toslink-equipped products such as Hosa’s Cue 5 all-digital monitoring system. Hosa’s new GOP-490 optical adaptor and OPQ-210 optical cable are designed for playback of studio mixes, AAC audio files and streaming digital music.

Hosa GP-490

Hosa’s new GOP-490 optical adaptor allows conventional optical cable, such as Hosa’s OPT-100 Series optical cables, to connect to devices with mini Toslink jacks. Designed to transmit S/PDIF signals, the new GOP-490 features a standard optical Toslink connector on one side and the less common mini Toslink connector on the other side.

For those seeking the functionality of Hosa’s GOP-490, but with extended reach, Hosa’s OPQ-210 optical cable is the solution. Like the GOP-490, the OPQ-210 converts Toslink to mini Toslink, but with 10 feet of optical cable between the two connectors. The OPQ-210 Toslink to mini Toslink cable facilitates a direct connection between a device with a conventional Toslink jack and a device with a mini Toslink jack.

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