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IK Multimedia Releases Lurssen Mastering Console for iPhone 

Master music on an iPhone using settings developed by Lurssen Mastering Inc. in Los Angeles.

IK Multimedia announces the release of Lurssen Mastering Console, a mastering app for iPhones that models the console and settings used by the engineers at Lurssen Mastering Inc. in Los Angeles. The app is said to re-create Lurssen Mastering’s gear chain, as well as the interactions and influence the processors have on other gear in the chain during the mastering process. Lurssen Mastering Console is available as a universal iPhone/iPad app and it is also available separately for Mac and PC.

Users can master on the go and reference their work in any environment from an iPhone. 

Lurssen Mastering Console features a processing chain that’s built to reproduce the order, gear, hookups and settings used by the team at Lurssen Mastering to master multiple styles of music.

Lurssen Mastering Console for iPhone/iPad is a free universal app that operates in demo mode (with no audio export features and noise bursts during playback). Users can unlock full functionality via in-app purchase: Play/Process ($49.99 via in-app purchase) enables unrestricted playback, monitoring and processing, 48kHz maximum sample rate of the DSP processing and export of compressed formats such as AAC and OGG; HD Engine ($99.99) via in-app purchase enables the HD Engine, allowing unrestricted playback, processing and monitoring at 88.2/96kHz sample rates for DSP and export, selectable dithering and export of uncompressed formats such as WAV and FLAC (requires Play/Process mode to be enabled); and the Mac/PC version, which is available separately for a limited-time introductory price of $199.99 from the IK online store and select authorized retailers.

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