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IK Multimedia Releases Lurssen Mastering Console for Mac, Windows

IK Multimedia in Modena, Italy, has released Lurssen Mastering Console (Mac/Win; $199.99 introductory offer, excluding taxes), which digitally models the chain and settings used by Gavin Lurssen, Reuben Cohen and the team at Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles. Lurssen Mastering Console offers 88.2/96kHz DSP processing and can be used either as a stand-alone mastering workstation or as an Audio Units/VST 2/VST 3/AAX plug-in inside a DAW.

Lurssen Mastering Console features a processor chain that is built to simulate the order, processors, hookups and settings used by the team at Lurssen Mastering. The software is said to re-create the physical and audio interactions between the gear in the chain, the influence one processor has on the rest of the chain and how a setting change affects the performance and auditory results of the chain.

The processing chain’s parameters can be changed via 25 different Styles presets that reflect the selection and order of the processors in the chain, plus the actual knob settings used by the Lurssen Mastering team. Once a Style is loaded, only certain knobs and settings are available for making adjustments because, in Lurssen’s words, “Once set, we don’t change those settings.”

Lurssen Mastering Console for Mac and PC offers an easy to use interface that streamlines the mastering process. Users can load a mix, select a mastering style and control a rendered console that is based on the actual physical console used every day at Lurssen Mastering. There are dynamic controls for select gear chain processors, an Input Drive knob, a five band EQ and a Push knob. The Push knob allows users to ride the master as it’s happening so that they can make subtle and uniform EQ adjustments to enhance dynamics and create peak dynamically enhanced moments throughout the song.

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