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Joe Chiccarelli Opts for Lynx Aurora Converters for New Morrissey Album

Photo: Courtesy of Alex Oana at Vintage King

Lynx Studio Technology in Costa Mesa, Calif., reports that producer Joe Chiccarelli used the company’s Aurora 16-VT converters during production of Morrissey’s newest album, World Peace is None of Your Business. Chiccarelli tracked the album at Studios La Fabrique, a residential recording studio located in Saint-Rémy de Provence, in the south of France, in an early 19th century structure. Overdubbing and final mixing were completed at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles.

“We have been using Lynx Aurora at La Fabrique for many years now,” says La Fabrique’s owner, Hervé le Guil.

“It was after testing different other converters that we finally decided to buy Aurora,” says engineer Maxime Le Guil, who assisted Chiccrelli with tracking in France. “As an engineer I’m very satisfied and regularly track and mix with very good results. I always keep the Aurora’s stereo mix that is very close to my stereo console output—very close! It’s really fantastic that passing through the converters you never lose the quality of the initial sound. It’s a really good machine!”

“La Fabrique is a state of the art studio. It’s an idyllic setting and an extremely inspiring place to work,” states Chiccarelli. “There are many options in terms of recording spaces. The staff is top notch and it’s always a musically rewarding experience to record there.”

After he completed tracking in France, Chiccarelli resumed work in Los Angeles at Sunset Sound. Working with Chris Bolitho at Vintage King Los Angeles, he brought in a pair of Aurora 16VT converters.

“It was really important for me to maintain some continuity throughout the project,” explains Chiccarelli. “Since we tracked through the Lynx Aurora, I really wanted to maintain that sound through the mixing stage. There is an openness and smoothness in the top end of these converters that is quite unique. It was very noticeable in the vocal sound and the acoustic guitar sound, especially.

“The change in converters to Aurora made all of the difference. The Auroras sound great,” Chiccarelli continues. “They have lots of air on top. It is indeed the vocal sound that I had recorded [in France]. In mixing we used a combination of Lynx converters and other converters, but the extension in the top and bottom end that the Aurora has was really helpful on instruments that needed the air. I am very thankful that Aurora allowed us put this album back to where it started.”

For more information about Chiccarelli’s work on Morrissey’s World Peace is None of Your Business, read the feature story in Mix magazine’s August 2014 issue.

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