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The Power of “Mixing From Home”

When Covid-19 hit, engineer/producer/educator Francesco Benvenuto had to leave his usual space at Luminous Sound Studio, Dallas, where he engineers and teaches. The Latin Grammy timeline was approaching, and he had to keep working. So… 

“During Covid, we had to take all the equipment home and try to make it work,” he says. “We have all this analog equipment that truly needs the right electric power to run decently. When I set up the system at home initially, the result wasn’t what I was looking for. It was sounding very noisy, and I was frustrated.”

Benvenuto reached out to engineer friend Luca Pretolesi, an avid Torus Power fan, and found himself talking with Ross Whitney at the company. “Ross told me to put in a kilowatt meter and see what kind of electricity I was getting. Right off the bat, I liked that he gave me advice before I even purchased anything,” he adds.

Benvenuto ended up purchasing an AVR 20 unit from Torus Power, which he employed immediately. in order to help meet a tight deadline for the Latin Grammys.

“I am not easily impressed,” Benvenuto says. “I’ve had years of experience listening to very high-quality stuff, and this is a whole nother level. When I plugged in my studio monitors, all of a sudden they reacted differently. I heard none of that noise. And the soundstage, depth, everything became bigger. There is a saying in the recording industry that ‘you can’t mix what you can’t here’. And now, I was hearing every single detail.” 