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Radial Engineering Radial X-Amp 500 Series Reamping Device

Radial Engineering Ltd. states that its new Radial X-Amp ($TBA) is the world’s first 500 Series Reamping device. The Radial X-Amp 500 is a Reamper with two conveniently mounted front panel ¼-inch outputs.

The Radial X-Amp features 100-percent discrete Class-A circuitry for a natural tone. Both instrument outputs are transformer isolated to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops. This is supplemented with a ground lift switch and 180-degree polarity reverse that enables the engineer to bring the two amplifiers in phase. This is particularly useful when guitar pedals are introduced as they will often reverse the phase of the signal.Variable output controls allow the engineer to quickly reach over to fine-tune signal levels when recording.

To add greater flexibility, when the X-Amp module is used with a Radial Workhorse, the Omniport becomes a guitar input allowing the X-Amp module to be used as a 2-channel guitar distro, thus enabling one to play through two amps without the hum, buzz and noise problems that usually occur.

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