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Rickey Medlocke Designs Project Studio with Help From Auralex Acoustics

Rickey Medlocke recently converted the guesthouse on his property into a personal studio.

Photo: Stacy Michelle Plunk

Rickey Medlocke, guitarist for Lynyrd Skynyrd since 1996 and for Blackfoot in the 1970s, reports that Auralex Acoustics provided acoustical treatment for his new home studio in Fort Meyers, Fla. Medlocke explains that he converted the guesthouse on his property, which had an irregular shape and many windows, into a studio space and needed a more accurate, controlled environment with an aesthetic appeal.

“Last year, my fiancée Stacy Michelle got me interested in learning about Pro Tools and wanting a studio at home,” Medlocke recalls. “She has been in the music business most of her life as well, working with artists such as Kid Rock, Joe Walsh and the James Gang, Willie Nelson, and more. We met on the Kid Rock/Lynyrd Skynyrd tour [of 2009].

Medlocke’s personal studio is based around an Avid Pro Tools LE 8 system.

Photo: Stacy Michelle Plunk

Medlocke’s home studio serves as a space where he and Stacy Michelle can work on personal projects outside of a recording facility where Medlocke is a partner, Studio Sea. “About 20 years ago, my manager, along with myself and others, started a studio in Fort Myers, Fla., where we both reside. Studio Sea is a full recording facility, along with a music school, the Fort Myers Music Academy, run by Eric Liebel. We have partnered with three others that have come in and [are] now undertaking the change over to a more modern Pro Tools HD facility. I wanted to be able to have the ability to record not only there, but also at home. If I want to record live drums at Studio Sea, along with bass or any other instruments, I can do so and then bring it home in my ‘LaCie briefcase,’ open it up and record guitars, vocals, etc.

“Basically, the [home] studio setup is a Mac with Pro Tools LE [Version] 8.0.5,” Medlocke continues. “There is a Digidesign [now Avid] 003 with an Eleven Rack [guitar processor and Pro Tools interface] and countless outboard stuff. I have several monitor setups: Mackie HR824s and the new JBL self-analyzing speakers.” Medlocke also says he uses AKG and Neumann mics for tracking and voice-overs. “Lately, I have been using the new Waves [Signature Series plug-in] bundles by Eddie Kramer, Chris Lord Alge and Jack Joseph Puig. A touch of those and magic happens. But mainly, I like creating my own sounds that work for me.”

Medlocke’s JBL and Mackie monitors sit atop Auralex Acoustics’ MoPAD Monitor Isolation Pads.

Photo: Stacy Michelle Plunk

Medlocke says that he contacted Auralex Acoustics after he installed his equipment. “A friend of Stacy’s, Paul Brown, gave me the contact info at Auralex Acoustics,” he says. “I contacted them and told them what I was looking to do with the room. They were so incredible to work with on this. They took the specs to my room, analyzed it, and sent me bass traps, flat panels, the whole works!”

After looking at Medlocke’s room, Auralex Application Specialist Ryan Gibbons determined that Auralex’s SFS-184 kit, comprising 32 SonoFlats and eight SonoColumns, would fit the best. The SonoFlat panels were strategically placed over the walls and ceiling of the room. The SonoColumns were placed in the 90-degree corners, where possible, for optimal performance. Medlocke also applied thick, dense curtains to most of the windows in the room for additional high-frequency control during critical listening sessions.

In addition to the SonoFlats, Auralex also outfitted Medlocke’s studio with GRAMMA Amp Isolation Risers, and MoPAD Monitor Isolation Pads to help improve the frequency response and accuracy of Medlocke’s amps and studio monitors.

The walls of Medlocke’s studio are outfitted with Auralex SonoFlat panels.

Photo: Stacy Michelle Plunk

“Now I have a beautiful room that sounds incredible,” Medlocke says. “I have several projects ongoing here at the room. I am recording solo material to be released later at some point. I am also involved in a documentary series called Homeland Nation that has gone to several networks for a steady series, where I did the voice-overs and some music in the space. I have also cut a couple of commercials lately. Stacy is recording material at a couple of other studios and then coming back home to finish it for later release. She also just did overdubs for two projects here in the room.

“I really appreciate the people at Auralex for their help and friendship, and am looking forward to working with them in the future,” Medlocke concludes.

Medlocke is currently touring the U.S. with Lynyrd Skynyrd until the fall of this year. For locations and details visit, the band’s Website,

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