Summer Games Broadcast in Dolby Surround


Dolby Laboratories is providing equipment and personnel to enable Athens Olympic Broadcasting (AOB) to deliver the XXVIII Summer Games events in Dolby surround sound.

Multichannel audio from selected venues will be captured and delivered to the networks using Dolby E for distribution to digital services and Dolby Pro Logic II for analog services or those limited to 2-channel audio. Networks will be able to add dialog and other elements to the stream and deliver it to their viewers in Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II or other sound formats.

Dolby has supplied AOB with Dolby E encoders and decoders (DP571 and DP572), Dolby Pro Logic II encoders (DP563), Dolby multichannel audio reference decoders (DP564) and measurement tools including bitstream analyzers (DM100) and loudness meters (LM100). Dolby will also have technicians on-site.

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