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TransAudio Group Introduces Bettermaker C502V Compressor

At this week’s 139th AES Convention in New York City’s Javits Center, TransAudio Group, Bettermaker’s U.S. distributor, will introduce the Bettermaker C502V 500 Series analog compressor in booth #935. The C502V combines a boutique analog signal path with intuitive controls and complete parameter recall and automation from a linked DAW-based plug-in.

The C502V, the first compressor from Bettermaker, offers three distinct VCA types housed in one 500 Series chassis: stereo, dual mono, or M/S modes, as well as USB or analog sidechain with adjustable highpass filtering and “look ahead” functionality.

In BM Mode the Bettermaker C502V provides gentle mastering-grade compression with attack behavior suitable for strapping across drum and mix buses. In SG Mode, the parameter controls and sound draw inspiration from the classic British VCA bus compressors. In DX Mode, the parameter controls and sound are based on the 160A compressor.

The C502V can be fully automated and recalled from a DAW-hosted plug-in, available in popular formats. For stand-alone operation, it offers 399 onboard presets and an Undo function. Both channels provide wet/dry control and threshold controls that range to 1:2 for expansion and transient designing. When multiple C502Vs are installed in the same 500 Series chassis, they will automatically link without any extra cabling.

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