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VideoHelper ‘Modules’

New York City-based production music library VideoHelper introduces Modules, which fuse sound effects and sound design into a new form: narrative sound design. Originally developed as experimental discs within the VideoHelper music library, Modules discs one and two inspired the creation and launch of a dedicated Modules library, beginning with disc three.

Modules have been featured in the television promo and film trailer markets, appearing in more than 36 major motion picture trailers this year alone, including Transformers and Spiderman 3. In some cases, such as in the Warner Bros. release House of Wax, Modules comprised almost the entire trailer soundtrack.

Each Modules disc contains more than 100 tracks, comprised of abstract sound design elements. These pieces are 30+ seconds in length and are composed in musique concrete style to create a collection of mood-setting, aurally shape-shifting pieces designed to trigger a range of emotional responses.

Conceptually, Modules are about storytelling, invoking different moods, building to emotional/sonic extremes and suggesting visuals. Modules also provide editable modular hits, rises, transitions and beds that can be used interchangeably to create multi-layered soundscapes.

Modules incorporate unconventional source material, such as exploding fireworks in a grain silo and car engines captured by spy microphones, which are rendered completely unidentifiable and then arranged and composed, with bolstered high- and low-frequency information.

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