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Wavesland Master Classes with Chris Lord-Alge on October 22-23

Waves Audio in Knoxville Tenn., is introducing Wavesland, an estate in Franklin, Tenn., near Nashville, where the company will host small-group master classes on mixing, recording, production and other aspects of music and sound. Each Wavesland master class is limited to 13 participants.   

The first Wavesland master class, now open for registration, will be led by Grammy Award–winning mixing engineer Chris Lord-Alge (pictured) on October 22-23, 2016.  

Upcoming master classes include Kevin Madigan: “The Art of Live Sound Maintenance,” October 29-30, 2016; Jack Joseph Puig: “The Art of Record Making,” November 4-6, 2016; Dave Audé: “Remixing vs. Producing,” November 12-13, 2016; Greg Wells: “Make Your Mix Come Alive,” November 19-20, 2016; Michael Brauer: “Making Your Mix More Emotional,” December 3-4, 2016; Greg Price and Brad Madix: “From the Stage to the Studio,” December 10-11, 2016; and Eddie Kramer: “Mixing in the Modern World from a Vintage Guy’s Point of View,” December 17-18, 2016.  

To learn more about Wavesland and register for upcoming master classes, visit