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Welcome to 1979 To Host Vinyl Camp May 30-31, 2015

All-analog recording studio in Nashville to host its first-ever vinyl workshop.

Welcome to 1979, an all-analog recording studio in Nashville, will host a vinyl workshop on Saturday, May 30, through Sunday, May 31, 2015. “Vinyl Camp” will focus on the art of creating great vinyl records— with an in-depth look at lacquer cutting and record pressing; a live studio session, recorded direct to disc; and a complimentary copy of the session on vinyl.

Leading industry data provider Nielsen reported earlier this year that vinyl LP sales were up 5 percent in 2014. Furthermore, this upward movement has been the trend since the company began tracking vinyl sales in 1991. This revitalization of vinyl promises to shake up the platform in which individuals choose to listen to music. However, as the interest in vinyl increases, more and more individuals will require proper study and hands on experience to better develop their skill within the realm.

Under the direction of Chris Mara, Welcome to 1979 owner and seasoned audio engineer, Vinyl Camp will kick off with a technical and philosophical tour of the 7,000 square foot Welcome to 1979 studio.

Following the introductory tour, a lathe room demonstration will give those in attendance the opportunity to learn about standard cutting procedures from the studios master cutting engineer, Cameron Henry. Saturday will also include a tour of United Record Pressing, where students will learn the entire pressing process while experiencing a behind the scenes look at the “Upstairs at United” record series. Finally, day one will wrap up with a discussion on direct to disc requirements and setup options for a live band session to take place the following day.

Sunday will be all about recording. workshop attendees will have the opportunity to record their work directly to disc, both Side A and Side B. This intimate opportunity will give attendees priceless “field work” experience and a chance to see some of the concepts discussed throughout the workshop come into fruition. Lunch will be provided for both days of the workshop.

In addition to the in-studio experience, participants will receive a complimentary copy of Sunday’s session on vinyl and their name will appear in the credits. Moreover, Vintage King Audio will provide a special discount offer to all attendees of Vinyl Camp.

For information on Vinyl Camp, including further registrationand technical information, visit