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Actors’ Playhouse Upgrades With Allen & Heath

Located at the Miracle Theatre in South Florida, the Actors’ Playhouse has installed a 48-input Allen & Heath ML5000

Located at the Miracle Theatre in South Florida, the Actors’Playhouse has installed a 48-input Allen & Heath ML5000 27-bus livesound VCA console in its 600-seat main stage auditorium.

Head audio engineer Alexander Herrin (pictured), who has been withthe theater for a year-and-a-half, said, “This summer, we decidedto upgrade our sound system. We were replacing a three- orfour-year-old console that had just fallen to pieces. They asked mewhat I thought we should get. I’d worked with the GL4000 in the pastand told them that I really like Allen & Heath. Phil Mester fromStageTech, who installed the system, brought us a console to try out, a32-channel ML5000.”

The new audio system is installed and ready for the opening of thenew season, which will start in October with the rock ’n’roll musical Return to the Forbidden Planet. “That will be a lot offun, with a new sound system and a new console to run it on. It’ssounding fantastic,” Herrin said. “The whole system is just a hugeupgrade.”

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In other Allen & Heath news, for a recent corporate event stagedby Walgreens (pictured) in Las Vegas at Paris, Bally’s and Caesar’sPalace, Show Department (Chicago), an international supplier ofcomplete show staging, virtually exhausted its inventory of Allen &Heath consoles.

“I had 14 Allen & Heath consoles on that show,” recalls LarryWhitlow, director of staging technology at Show Department. “I flewboth ML3000s back from Amsterdam [where Show Department also has anoffice]. We had the consoles in room sizes of 100 guests to 700 or 800.The only room bigger was the main tent.

“It’s the right size and it gives us what we need in a decent-sizedcorporate show,” Whitlow continued. “Plus, even though it’ssmall, it has enough groups and matrix outputs that we can drive thefront of house, delays and the record feeds all from one board withouthaving to resort to distribution amps. The ML3000 gives the audio guysome flexibility, because he can sit at the desk and drive it withouthaving to go to outboard equipment. They have a dedicated rack thatgoes with them that has some EQs for inserts and they can do everythingelse from the console surface.”

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