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Adler & Hearne: To the Heart (Spring Hollow Records)

Mix magazine readers who have been wondering what our former “Nashville Skyline” columnist Rick Clark is up to will find part of the answer in Lindy Hearne and Lynn Adler’s To the Heart. In addition to work for satellite radio and occasional gigs as a film-music supervisor, Clark continues to produce the kind of projects he has always championed in various outlets: authentic, soulful roots music that lives outside the country mainstream. Adler & Hearne are singer/songwriters whose poetic, harmonious songs fit beautifully within these airy, bluegrass-inspired arrangements. Clark expresses in the album liner notes his strong commitment to the quiet of To the Heart—rightly, he feels that this soft-spoken duo and the elegant roots band he assembled have no business fighting the CD-loudness wars. As a result, this album sounds refreshingly gentle and true.

Producer: Rick Clark. Engineer: Richard McLaurin. Recording studio: House of David, Nashville. Mastering: Andrew Mendelson/Georgetown Masters (Nashville).

Must Play: “River Wide, River Deep”

—Barbara Schultz