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Music Production

Carter Burwell Breezes into New WSDG Studio

WSDG created a sizable studio for film composer Carter Burwell in his newly renovated 4,420-square-foot home at the end of Long Island.

Long Island, NY (January 21, 2020)—Having worked out of a WSDG-designed studio in Tribeca since 1999, film composer Carter Burwell returned to the architectural, acoustic and engineering design team to commission a new studio in an ultra-modern home he was remodeling on a bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean near Montauk Point on Long Island.

Engaging WSDG while his home renovation was still on the drawing boards provided Burwell with many advantages. Founding partner John Storyk, partner, COO and project manager Joshua Morris and the design team made acoustic and ergonomic recommendations early in the process that maximized the efficiency of the new addition to the house and enhanced the studio’s recording and listening quality.

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Working with an open floor plan, WSDG prescribed a 600-sq.-ft. studio in a separate wing attached to the second floor of Burwell’s 4,420-sq.-ft. home, which was being renovated by architect Maziar Behrooz. Acoustically isolated from the living/entertaining quarters, the studio is large enough to host visiting filmmakers, and small enough to make an inconspicuous footprint on the home.

“Carter was happy with the gear complement from his original Tribeca studio but opted for an Avid S6 32 fader console in his new room,” says Morris. “He stayed with Genelec for the surround monitoring system, 8351A mains and 8300 surrounds. His composing keyboard can alternate positions between the ocean-facing console — and a 65in. flat screen that flips down from its motorized ceiling mount — to a second location in the rear of the room with an equally commanding view. Motorized sheer and blackout shades were installed to block sunlight for composing and mixing sessions.”

Burwell’s scoring credits range from Todd Haynes’ Carol and Martin McDonagh’s Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (both Academy Award nominees) to Spike Jonze’s Being John Malkovich and all but one of the Coen Brothers’ films, including Fargo and The Big Lebowski.

“Carter Burwell has a penchant for clean, uncluttered workspaces,” Storyk remarks. “We learned that early on with his Tribeca studio. Outfitted with acoustic doors and windows and set apart from the living and entertaining areas, this new room should provide Carter with all the serenity and visual inspiration his creativity requires. And, when he feels the need to get back to nature, he can hit the deck for fresh ocean air and the spectacular view.”

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