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Celebrity Sightings at Irving’s Place Studios

McHale Barone's Irving's Place Studios (New York City) recently welcomed Mike Myers, Kevin Kline and Hallie Kate Eisenberg to a series of recording sessions

McHale Barone’s Irving’s Place Studios (New York City) recentlywelcomed Mike Myers, Kevin Kline and Hallie Kate Eisenberg to a seriesof recording sessions for One Upon a Fairy Tale, a book whoseproceeds will benefit the STARBRIGHT Foundation.

Once Upon a Fairy Tale is a collaborative effort of 21 ofHollywood’s most famous celebrities and 21 renowned children’s bookillustrators. Fairy tales in the book include “Rumplestiltskin,””Little Red Riding Hood,” “Goldilocks,” “The Three Bears” and “The FrogPrince.”

“Engineer Tim Leitner recorded the stars directly into Pro Tools,”said Joe Barone, one of the studio’s principals. “Each of thesecelebrities wrote original material for their portions of a veryspecial retelling of “Rumplestiltskin.” They arrived at the studiosepartely; in fact, Mike Myers came on a completely different day. Thestars were total thoroughbreds and completed their sessions veryprofessionally.”

One Upon a Fairy Tale will be available in stores and onlineon October 15, 2001. For more on the STARBRIGHT Foundation, visit